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Fag Tax Friday - a poem by dadfag

Fag Tax Friday is here today

Alphas and Masters all get their way

From faggots and slaves and subs alike

Watching their credit card balances spike! 

Fags give till it hurts, it's only one day

But for Alpha and Masters they know you are prey

Open your wallets, open you slave

It's Fag tax Friday and it's Alphas you crave! 

Obey and submit FAGGOTS and subs

Alpha know what gives your tiny clit chubs

Alphas are righteous, Masters are true

When fag wallets drain,  they know their fags spew.  

Monstercawk approves this message. 

MASTER DIESEL Introduction

The weather is dull, my house has never been so clean or organised and another Monday in Lockdown, so I thought I would be productive and do an introduction to myself on Owned Fags. So, let’s start how would I describe myself in a few words? Well an Old Guard Leather Master, Dominant, strict but fair, Confident in knowing who I am and what I want and expect in every aspect of MY life. I have always been into wearing leather from being a teenager. Financial Domination started for me at school being in a gang of lads picking out the weak loners and cornering them and emptying their pockets and enjoying spending their money at the corner shop. I have always worked and have a long successful career, so be clear findom is not about making quick cash or easy money! I have been draining and using fags for over 20 years. I enjoy the control, obedience and getting inside fags and slaves heads and getting them onto the path of service to work hard, to earn good money, to then hand it over to ME, giving them satisfaction, fulfilment and purpose to want to do it all over again knowing you are pleasing ME. Getting that cash large or small is as horny as fuck to me watching the figure going up and spending MY money on what I want when I want.

As part of this domination is a huge part of this for me, Boot worship soles treads, heal shaft the whole boot fags, Leather worship, Oral pleasure ready for a deep throat fucking love to hear a fag gagging on my pierced thick cock, Ash use fags with open mouths ready to take my thick hot ash is not a choice is a requirement if any fags are near me while smoking MY gars, smoke abuse nothing better than seeing a fag in my gas mask in tight bondage, fuelling the fags lungs with MY thick heavy gar smoke from MY 8x80 Asylums through the gas mask tube, strict Corporal Punishment for MY pleasure not just when a fag disobeys or disrespectful, Domestic service why should I clean MY house when I can get a fag to do such mundane tasks in life. Poppering a fag slave up makes them weaker to be used and drained for MY gain and pleasure.

So, Fags PM me or approach me in the chat room and let’s show you your rightful place in life.


When is Fag Tax Day ?
Everyday = Fag Tax Day 

Pay up fags !!!

When and how do you like paying your taxes slaves ? The desire to work  hard to give it up to your masters and alpha males should be your top priority.

Your wallet drained , pockets emptied and you feeling grateful to give it to your king , that Alpha  , that Boss.

 Do you get in debt , max your credit cards , to ensure your master is taken care of ? Do you surrender all and is fully committed? 

Avoiding the cold
The headlines have been full of deep freezes, snow, ice, and bitter cold across the U.S. the last week or so.  But for some of U/us in warmer Western or Southern climes, it's business as usual.

In the past I've lived in those colder climates, and have always believed that those who live with palm trees need to at least "feel" what it's like for those who must dress up in full snow gear just to do mundane things like grocery shopping or taking out the trash.  Interesting how many people I offered a visit during those colder months never took Me up on it... Hmm.   LOL

Perspective is an interesting part of what W/we are all doing here, and I think it's always a good idea to try and see things from the other side's viewpoint. When I think about a sub who serves, I think about how it gives him a sense of worth, of accomplishment, and an opportunity to be his true self.  And of course a healthy dose of stimulation too. 

I know how much I revel in submission from subs, and I make sure they know exactly how I feel and My perspective when it happens.

For those of you in colder climes, sorry, and you don't want to know how nice it is here today.  <g>

How to Cashmeet: Privacy, Honesty, and Intention

by DorianTheAlpha

I will keep this one short and sweet.

I am always upfront about My approach.

I am upfront about being a financial dominant first and foremost.

I am a findom. I enjoy almost all other kinks too, but tribute is a must.

I do real-time meets when and where I can, with slaves that earn the privilege.

The key here is earning the privilege. 

I typically meet for $500 or so. I've met for as low as $300 based on the slave's loyalty, sacrifice, and My assessment of their overall submission.

Cashmeets work when the Alpha and slave trust each other.

Mainly, the Alpha knows the slave is true, loyal, and committed.

He will respect the Alpha's privacy, remain honest, and uphold the intention of the cashmeet.

Now, how I ensure these is with a deposit prior to the meet.

Like a drain, or rtgame, it shows Me the slave is willing to commit to its action, like a down payment.

Today, I was told My blogs do not convey this. So here I am: conveying it.

For the record, nothing I have said has ever opposed the above. Nonethless, it's now plain to read.

Cheers to all who can conduct cashmeets like A/adults. 

To those who are unclear: ^^^ study up. This is ultimately My opinion (as is all here).

The Luxury of Being Dominated

by DorianTheAlpha

There is a strange, skewed perspective of domination, in particular financial domination. Many slaves will approach to lead with their kinks. They will tell you all about what turns them on, what their hard limits are, their past injustices and why that makes them unable to trust the ever-perilous threat of Masters that mistreat them.

A common refrain is: "you want Me to send Sir? But W/we've barely spoken."

Now, I will always speak to curious souls. Some slaves are new. Some are unaware of how to approach. Some are just timid. But if after a short exchange, there's little sign they intend to tip, tribute, or otherwise strive to please Me, then I demand it. And generally, this is when the pretenders vanish. Every. Single. Time.

This post is for you, pretenders. The liars, the beggars, the toxic vile vermin that infect the purity of findom.

You do not get to own a Ferrari to pay for it when you like. You don't get to wear a Patek and send them a check when it suits you. You don't move into a seaside mansion and put off your mortgage indefinitely.

Serving an Alpha isn't just a luxury: it is the ultimate luxury. Financial submission is a gift an Alpha gives you.

Sending Me the money that is rightfully Mine *is* your reward, slave.

So, let U/us here and now stamp out the fallacy that you deserve attention from a Superior Male because of any of the following:

- Uncertainty or curiosity

- Insecurity or past wounds

- Prior mistreatment

- Lack of finances / having being ruined

- Lack of interest in findom

- Servitude to another Master

- The list goes on...

As a slave, you are responsible to educate yourself about findom.

As a slave, you are expected to be able to serve financially, unless your Master explicitly states otherwise.

As a slave, you are required to please your Master first and foremost, however He chooses.

As a slave, you are accountable to understand that your Master allows you the blissful gift of His existence.

As a slave, you are indebted to your Alpha merely by the virtue of serving him. Tribute merits nothing.

As a slave, you are property. It is your choice to be a slave; and it is your purpose as such to be His property.

Understand the choices you make, and adhere to your commitments. Both you and He are allowed your limits. Findom is a choice. When you make it, do not flake and do not flounder. Follow through.

Let us end on a constructive note: follow these guidelines to please your Alpha, and live truthfully in submission.

1. Do not say that you will send. Send, and then say that you have. Act first, then speak.

2. Do not approach an Alpha leading with your interests. He is above you. Pleasing him is all that matters. Do so, and maybe he will reward you by considering your own interests. That is the true nature of submission to Another.

3. Do not victimize yourself. There will always be those who hold exception with this post. Slaves here have done so to My words in the past. This is not ironclad; it is a guide. Follow it, or ignore it and resign yourself to the sad lie that you are actually a "slave" — you are the opposite. 

I recognize part of this post are strongly worded. Findom is a place of strong words, and emotions. If you are offended by this, you are likely guilty of what it puts forth. If You are nodding along, you likely know what I'm talking about, and have suffered through your fair share of vermin too.

Be better, for Him. 

For Me.

How to Grow in Submission: Saving, Earning, Selling, Sending.

by DorianTheAlpha

Now, I will preface in saying this is My opinion, though one I know it is shared across hundreds of Superiors. That said, you may well find a Master that views submission differently than I describe here. If so, I weep for you because you'll never know the bliss of true sacrifice to serve your Master's pleasure.

Let's begin by listing off the excuses so many pretenders enjoy bleating to Masters Who've heard these tired lines a thousand times before:

- i am student/jobless right now, but i can serve You in other ways.

- i want to send to You, but i need to trust You first.

- i might be open to sending, but financial domination is not My primrary kink.

- i was mistreated by a previous Alpha, i need to recover before i can worship You.

- i have no money to send, but i can be Your promo/task slave.

If this is you: you are the worst kind of wasted space in findom and kink as a whole. These aren't reasons; they're excuses. Do better. Redefine yourself to serve His pleasure first and solely.

There are countless others, equally transparent, equally boring, equally self-branding "block me: i'm a waste of time".

This article is meant as instruction, and as motivation. Like all habits, starting with a few easy steps will lead to  undertaking the harder ones. In time, you can be the best slave you can be by incorporating all of these and more. Internalize the spirit of these habits to truly devote the entirety of yourself to your Master.

1. Work harder, smarter, longer. 

Secure a raise or bonus? That portion goes to your Master. Great night of tips? Those are Alpha's. Win a payout, lottery, jackpot, raffle, contest? Guess whose: your Owner, silly pet. Get a second job, or third, gigging: Uber, tutoring. Suck cock if you can get paid for guzzling cum in your Master's name. Be creative, and proactive.

2. Cut back on luxuries and indulgences. 

Don't buy meals out. Meal prep, and make that coffee/tea at home. Skip the steak, and eat chicken or beans. Fast intermittently if your health allows it. Drink less, or not at all. Only Alpha Men consume fine spirits; you get hooch if anything. Forget about tobacco, weed, parties: they are revelries for Superior Males. Designer labels, latest tech, new toys of any kind... these have no place in a cash slave's world.

3. Simplify your lifestyle.

Forget the Uber: walk, bike or commute. Don't bother with a flagship smartphone when a budget model will do. Take cold showers and reduce your heating/AC to send your Master those savings. Workout? Cancel that gym membership, and go train outside. Sell your appliances and wash your dishes and/or clothes by hand. Which leads Me too...

4. Sell your valuables.

Collectibles: magazines, comic books, video games, watches, vintage items, etc. Jewelry, needless gadgets, vehicles, sex toys (looking at you sissies). Anything you are guilty of from #2, sell — that's a simple starting point. What feels more right: you owning $1,000+ of superficial goods you could do without, or placing that cash into your Master's powerful hands, where it belongs?

I have likely missed ideas here. What matters is starting small, being accountable to improve through sacrifice, communicating your commitments to your Master, and most or all: sending as soon as you have cash to do so. The longer your Master's money stays with you, the lazier you are being, slave.

Read, act, send. Or pretend that you are already doing "enough" for your Alpha, as if that is even possible.

We always deserve more...

Domination, Exclusive Consideration, and Ownership
By DorianTheAlpha

There are several slaves here, if not most, that serve as community fags. They are not beholden to any one Master, by their own choice. It is one of the few choices a little cash piggy has, and I as well as all Masters should respect that, in order for this findom community to properly thrive.


When a Master and a slave interact for a single interaction, whether one tip, a session, or a series of tips and sessions, there is a temporary domination that occurs. This does not change the fact that there will always and permanently be Superior Alpha men and pathetic beta bitch boy cashslaves. That is eternal, and true. However, a cash slave can choose to serve multiple Alphas, at their own leisure, so long as they obey the Dominant/slave dynamic that is drives their sole purpose: to serve at the pleasure of Alpha Men.

UC (Under Consideration)

Now, some slaves are competitive, both within themselves and others. When channeled properly, this can be deeply constructive for both their submission and (more importantly) their Master's pleasure. When left to run rampant, it is toxic, destructive, and often leaves the slave blocked and wayward because of their own selfish jealousy. The best cash faggots will be "considered" by their Alpha Masters: a period wherein they serve their Cashmaster exclusively, though not yet owned. Ownership, a cashslave foremost reward beside their Master's pleasure & approval, is a beacon of exemplary servitude: you are a sufficiently excellent cash dispenser that your Masters sees it fit to brand you as public His. The summit of submission & servitude for a mindless ATM. 


As eluded to above, this is the pinnacle of what subs hope to achieve while worshipping at the altar of their Alpha Master's perfection. Do not conflate this ultimate reward with it being the pursuit of one's servitude: you serve to please your Master, exclusively and entirely. All else follows. Ownership rarely comes to those who actively seek it out; it is rather bestowed upon those truly selfless slaves that purely provide for their Master's every whim, setting aside their own kinks and orgasms for Master's slightest desire. True, beautiful, blissful submission to a Supremely Powerful Alpha Male.

Now, the reason for this distinction between the three is that too often there are those here who seek to poach, coax, or otherwise betray the fidelity good slaves show their Masters. I hope that this post can serve as a clarification for community cash whores, prospective pets, and wholly owned finfags. The latter two should not be sought out unless their Master has given you His explicit approval. The first... is fair game to use and abuse at your disposal. And oh how they are disposable.

Cheers to all. I hope this helps.

Sunday Worship

So many slaves will ask for free tasks… or free attention. To those sweet pets here who genuinely do put their Master’s pleasure first: continue to read. To lurkers stroking to My words without the slightest intention of enacting them… cease to exist you vile waste.

To My sweet pets who serve beautifully, through authentic submission… Sundays are worship. 

This means, that today of all days, is a blissful opportunity to set your standards for the week. Send to Me. Pray to Me. Commit to new heights for Me. Take care to employ all of the sweet subtleties I enjoy. Go out of your way to embrace struggle for My enjoyment, to embrace submission for My entertainment, to embrace sacrifice for My pleasure. Those tasks you so desire: send for them. Humiliation? Send for it. JOI/CEI/CBT etc.... send for whatever scratch you are so desperate to itch, My pet.

Sundays set a benchmark for the next six days. Even more so if it is a payday week. Remember, no Alpha here dominates for need of income. Money is simply the scoreboard. The truest of tokens that represents a surrender of financial power from one to Another. So, surrender to Me, My dear toys, in worship. Fall to your knees this immaculate Sunday, to tribute at the altar of My greatness. Show Me you crave to give your feeble power over to Me, in financial tribute. It is the beautiful of ways to do so.

To all the powerful Masters here, have a blessed day rinsing, ruining, training, and draining anew your pets. I admire you & applaud the gift you give these pathetic wayward souls in finding a purpose.

To those pets yet unowned… I am here and waiting. Approach.

Then thank Me again for the privilege.


Am asked all the time by other masters and fags altogether: ¿How did I get into dominating and exploiting fags?
Let me tell you the story. 
One day I was working my back shirtless at the gym (You know, real Alpha Male´s back: POTENT, ample, V shaped, muscular, ripped). Then I spotted through the mirrors that excuse for a man, frozen in his place, staring at my back. Well, that´s nothing new for me. I am totally aware I create that type of trance in men, women and faggits at the gym and on the streets.
Then this closetedfag had the never to come to compliment my muscular development. Since then he´d just shoot the worshiping shit everyday, offered a  few bucks here and there. One day asked what protein I got, then the next week he had 20 lbs of it in its truck  for me and claimed he bought the same, but got  great deal for buying in bulk. 
I couldn´t but chuckle at the weakness of this fag before my straightness, masculinity and subjugating physique. I thought: “this fag really wants to sacrifice itself to sponsor my bodybuilding efforts”. The fag even paid 8K for my entire bodybuilding contest preparation last year.
I took all that naturally and without showing any surprise for his worshiping attitude, without even thanking him, and that fuel his need to serve more. One day he could´nt it hold any more and came to me at the lockers room, knelt and started sobbing before informing me that he had abandoned his wife to live entirely devoted to me. I reclined at the bench I was sitting, and took his chin with my hand, staring directly to his teraful eyes and said: “You´r mine…you understand? mi-ne”. 
I made him take my trainers and socks off and he did it humbly and gratefully, still sobbing.
Once I allowed his tributes on a regular basis he flourished as a natural faggot servant. Now he does´nt even remember that day as his last day of mental, sexual or financial freedom  
 It´s been a year since that morning and now my fag slave tributes his entire paycheck to me.