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Avoiding the cold
Posted by GRatedMaster

The headlines have been full of deep freezes, snow, ice, and bitter cold across the U.S. the last week or so.  But for some of U/us in warmer Western or Southern climes, it's business as usual.

In the past I've lived in those colder climates, and have always believed that those who live with palm trees need to at least "feel" what it's like for those who must dress up in full snow gear just to do mundane things like grocery shopping or taking out the trash.  Interesting how many people I offered a visit during those colder months never took Me up on it... Hmm.   LOL

Perspective is an interesting part of what W/we are all doing here, and I think it's always a good idea to try and see things from the other side's viewpoint. When I think about a sub who serves, I think about how it gives him a sense of worth, of accomplishment, and an opportunity to be his true self.  And of course a healthy dose of stimulation too. 

I know how much I revel in submission from subs, and I make sure they know exactly how I feel and My perspective when it happens.

For those of you in colder climes, sorry, and you don't want to know how nice it is here today.  <g>

When is Fag Tax Day ?

Everyday = Fag Tax Day 

Pay up fags !!!

When and how do you like paying your taxes slaves ? The desire to work  hard to give it up to your masters and alpha males should be your top priority.

Your wallet drained , pockets emptied and you feeling grateful to give it to your king , that Alpha  , that Boss.

 Do you get in debt , max your credit cards , to ensure your master is taken care of ? Do you surrender all and is fully committed? 

Financial Master Programming Wank Machines.
Posted by wealthdepleter

How many times have you felt a shower of regret in post nut clarity and told yourself never again? It's a shame that no one has ever successfully quit findom. The damage is irreversible. Let the tingle turn into a throbbing ache in your gooey pindick. Present yourself for the slaughter.

You send within budget, then are pushed beyond your self imposed limit, you think to yourself "shit, this is ruining me, I will quit now". Realizing you get off on being ruined, you hate yourself more, you stroke, you forget and repeat the cycle. My cold, cruel words soothe your aching defective limp fuckpole. Dribbling nutgunk out of your second brain while I end your sex life and cement your fate. Your best orgasms don't come cheap anymore. No life. Lonely. Addict loser locked away, pumping away financial stability. Edging closer to losing all free will. A mindless cash dispenser oozing out cash. Brainwashed and seduced into losing your life to Findom. Wrap your fingers around your pathetic cock and sign over your life to me with every pump. Every ounce of self-control has slowly been drained away in all that beta goo your maggot has been oozing out. You tried your best to fight it. You lost. Fall in love with ruining yourself. It won't be long before regret turns into arousal. Then there's no escape. The closer you get to succeeding the more you want to fuck yourself over. It makes me so happy to know that I'm causing permanent damage to your sorry lives. 

I'm not here to build relationships with the dregs of society. Only to stomp on your finances and throw you away. I promise to forget all about your existence after I'm done leaving long-lasting, irreversible effects on your sorry life. Some masters like to encourage their subs to better themselves but I'm not so deluded. I know you'll never amount to anything. Can you blame me when all these pathetic failures throw themselves in front of me and beg for torture and misery?

You need to relapse badly. Experience financial collapse.
Posted by wealthdepleter

Happy endings are overrated. Your story ends face down in the gutter, broke and disgraced. At least you'll have fond memories of the time a straight man bullied you out of all your money. Slam your hand against your nuts and pump the goonstick to my filthy brainwashing.

You could live a responsible safe life. Work in a box for 8 hours, have mediocre sex, repeat for 40 years, then die. Or you can fuck over that dull boring life with reckless thrill seeking adrenaline pumping destruction and plunge yourself into deep financial dispair and lust. I want your entire savings. I want you left with nothing. Empty out your account. I don't care what you have to do to survive til pay day. Overdraft. Get a loan. Steal. Whore yourself out. I don’t give a fuck about your life. You’re just letters on a screen.

Your life is just a constant war between financial ruination and frustrating sobriety. Oh well, I’m resting good. I don't think about you and I'm not grateful. At the end of the day I'm still here and nothing is stopping you from limping back to send more money. There's no where to run. All the subs want to see you fall. Your family and friends can never know about this. Not a soul to talk to. It's just you and your hand all alone in this battle. Good luck bitch. Too bad I’m more fun than bills. I love when you’re “staying clean”. Block me. Delete your account. Remove all payment apps. It doesn't matter. You lurking on my page means a future relapse. Nothing makes me greedier than a good sob story. I just laugh that I can use depression to fill up my pockets.

I don’t believe in mercy. I have men with no vacation, empty fridges and late rent.  Poverty is no excuse in Findom. I don't care if I have your family eating pigshit in a trailer park. If you have anything, send it, get more and send it again. Fuck your well being. It’s just another day of you waking up in shame and post lust clarity. Don't worry, deleting your account wasn’t going to work anyway. Rejects like you will be back naked on the bathroom floor relapsing. If you were planning on buying something nice, I'm buying something nicer.

I enjoy being so frustrating. I enjoy the inconvenience I cause to your sad life. How easy it is to get rich at the expense of your horny repetitive regretful behavior. If you're depressed or mentally ill you're not getting sympathy from me.

You'll be made fun of.

The Findom Essence
Posted by Levi

Findom is an exercise in Manipulation. One might find despair in crossing his paths with "doms" who try to get the quick cash. The "give me 20€ faggot" status quo. It becomes overwhelming, to realize you are living a reality where no one seems to drag you to that state where you long to be. Being taken by a sense of impotence. Of fragility. Of utter dominance and submission. Where, finally, you can find some inner peace. Some weird, fucked up, twisted, painful peace.

But, yet it still is the closest to a freedom you can find yourself. It's what you know. It's the place where you feel at ease. Having a man. A real man. A man that you look up to, a man that you admire and, to some extent, fear, being part of your existence. Telling you what to do.

Being an image that you worship while, at the same time, you know he is there for you. Even though you don't even dare to demand anything. You just watch. And accept. And embrace his will. You know you are simply part of a higher plan. You've come to this world to serve him.

And, with that, you finally find your state of bliss.

Don't fool yourself. To cross your path with someone like that, it is, as a Roman philosopher once said, Seneca, the old, "luck is what happens when preparation and opportunity meets".

You might be ready to be a proper slave. Obedient. Respectful. Always at disposal. But you need chance, opportunity, to strike gold. And, once you do it, once you find that Dom with the perfect mix of manliness, life experiences that made him as rough as nails, brains to mind fuck you to extents you've never found possible before then, stop for a second. Reach him. And make him your Master. It's a scary world out there.

But, by the end of the day, we all deserve to be loved. Even if it is in the creepiest ways one can imagine.

And better to know what turns you on and find someone who can take care of you safely and effectively to the dungeon.

We are all human beings.

Expectations of a bootlicker
Posted by Booted

I know that most scum on here are looking for on line chat, or on line ownership. And that’s absolutely fine. More than happy to take your cash. However, for the few that are able to commit to worshipping me in person i thought it would be good for you to have an idea of expectations. Without exception slaves that I meet in person will be required to worship my boots. More often than not it will be my 20 hole Rangers, but if I am feeling particularly lazy, and I have been working all day, then it may be my work boots you get to serve.  I have included pictures of both on this blog.  Either way, the process is the same. 

If it’s licking my boots it is allowed a bottle of poppers, I think this gives it the headspace to last a long time. I normally require a minimum of 30 minutes per boot. I don’t see the point in doing things quickly, if it’s come to serve me, then it does it properly. 

It starts with the outer sides, at the bottom.( The shank), works its way up to the upper, and works it’s way round to the insides where it continues with the upper and then back down to the shank. it doesn’t touch the toecap with its tongue. (It bulls those fuckers with a cotton cloth and polish later). It applies pressure with its tongue throughout, I need to feel it through the boots or there is simply no point. It applies greater pressure with its tongue when it reaches the balls on the side of my feet, and once I am satisfied that the outer and inner sides are sufficiently massaged I may give permission for it to lick the footbed and then the collar around the top of the boot. It’s positioning while worshipping My boots is quite important. I need to see deference, but the slave needs to be able to do the jon properly. This isn’t about humiliation, this is a gift from ME.  it’s hands remain on the floor, and don’t touch the boots, positioned shoulder with apart. knees and toes on the floor, spread as far as it can spread, and it’s arse in the present position. I am not interested in having my soles cleaned by the slave, but if it’s important to the slave I can make an exception. 

For this Master boot worshiping should not be a degrading experience for the slave, it’s a reward. The slave should be proud it’s gained the privilege. There’s plenty of time to be degraded, and plenary of time to earn reward. This for my slave is an acceptance of its loyalty and an invitation from me to discover its self more than it thought it could. It’s the start. 

Let me know what you think fags. What other expectations I have. 

FinDom Master looking for worthless cash slave.
Posted by DoyourawOslo

Norwegian master looking for cash slave to dominate financially. Also different tasks to fulfill and document so I can see you do your job. Can include going out taking rock and loads for your master to see. 

I have several other submissive slaves in my stable that I have trained over time to comply to my orders and wishes. You dont have to be experienced, just Willing to learn and comply. 

Msg me for a real slave contract. 

My first meeting with MasterTrigger - real submission
Posted by TriggeredBottom

After an intense time serving MasterTrigger online and becoming His property (and thus part of a great family), i had the great honor of meeting Him in person last weekend.
In advance, He chose the hotel for me. Close to his home, as cheap as possible and poorly rated. The weekend was ultimately meant to make me aware of my status and bring me more deeply under His control.
After my arrival, we arranged to have dinner at a restaurant on the first night. In the minutes i waited for Him outside the restaurant i was indescribably nervous. Of course, i recognized Him as soon as He walked up to me. To be honest, i had no idea how to greet Him in an appropriate manner. As a true alpha, He immediately took the lead and gave me an indescribably tight hug without saying a word. A pleasant shiver ran through me and the excitement gave way to a great feeling of happiness. In the restaurant He chose the food and drinks. Likewise, He decided what i had to eat and how much. His natural authority was apparently immediately visible to everyone, because even the waitresses only spoke to Him, unless He gave me a sign that i had to respond to a question. One might think that the situation was bizarre, however, the opposite was true. i felt safe and secure in His presence.
After dinner He said goodbye to me, telling me that He expected me at his place the next day at the agreed time. Full of anticipation of what might await me, i went to the hotel and could hardly sleep. His picture next to my bed drew all my attention.
The next day i was at His door as agreed and had brought the agreed equipment. He explained to me that i had groceries to buy for dinner and after that i would have to clean the apartment and do His laundry. So we went to town first and i always had to be careful never to walk in front of Him. i had to get down on my knees in public and tie His shoes. And it felt great to do that. i felt pride in showing my submission in public.
After chores and dinner, He showed me what is possible through trust and what true loss of control feels like. Using e-stim at various points and increasing intensity, He took me to the limits i thought i could endure. Whenever those limits were reached and my resistance kicked in, he just held me tighter and whispered in my ear to stop fighting the pain. i started to breathe calmly and took the pain He was inflicting on me. In doing so, He managed to push my limits and fill me with great pride. The feeling of being held by His strong arms as the pain intensified was indescribable and addictive.  
The third day was very similar - the intensity was increased and i was bound and gagged at times. my limits were further increased and i was in a frenzy. As i endured more and more suffering, He drained all my money and even though it was more than i expected (and had budgeted for myself), i felt incredibly grateful and proud. Accordingly, the goodbye happened much later than expected and i didn't arrive home until the middle of the night. i am incredibly grateful to my Master for this intense experience and wish to relinquish more and more control, expand limits and be moulded into His perfect property according to His ideas - physically and mentally. Ideas for this have already been developed.
i now know even more how important it is to trust and respect each other. Knowing i have a Master who protects me allows me to truly relinquish complete control. And it's great to have found this great Master here and to be part of a fantastic family in his stable that supports each other. Thank you so much, fagbrothers!
i wish every slave here manages to have similar experiences. Do not be dissuaded from following your destiny! A real Master knows how to build trust, to penetrate deep into the psyche of a slave and bring him further. That is the key to success. Thank you MasterTrigger, i am so incredibly grateful for our encounter. i am Yours, Master!
Hello everyone!
Posted by SirNoteri

Hello everyone!

I'm a 23 year old linegiver and findom, who's been having this fun since about a year, but joined this site only today.
Even though I'm rather young, I'm a strict, passionate and dominating findom. You'll get your mind fucked like nowhere else. And if you message me over on my twitter, you'll get more interaction than anywhere else.
If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on here or on my twitter @noterii_ .
You can also welcome me with sends, and afterwards thank me for taking your money. That's what gets me hot and bothered, and is one of the reasons why I'm doing all of this.

Reverse Therapy for HARDCORE addicted Cash Pigs..
Posted by wealthdepleter

You're never going to have an easy life. You're always going to be used and exploited. Plunging you into hardship as you sacrifice for Findom. Broke on payday. No vacations. Empty fridge. Ramen dinners and tap water. Enjoy poverty, it's all you'll ever know. When you meet a stranger online that does Findom, the first thing you should do is trust them entirely. Tell them everything. Do whatever he says and forfeit your existence.

The old you had hopes and dreams. The old you had dignity and self respect. The old you didn't stroke hundreds away to alpha men. The old you is not coming back. Marinate in failure, sex and depravity. You were born to seek pleasure. Highschool was probably rough for you.All the bullying and neglect you endured…you thought it was a problem. Until you found this side of the Internet. Now you’re stroking to past trauma and thinking about sucking off and worshiping the bully’s that destroyed your self esteem. Stroke the head of your dirty dick. Build a sweat until you reek. Feed the parasite more. Gain more pounds while you pump to the screen like a horny animal. Spend your weekends getting fatter and worse. Bate your penis religiously and forget therapy. Indulge.

You did this to yourself. You got curious and found out. Now you’ve completely destroyed the chemistry of your brain. You won't quit. You don't have the discipline. You'll keep diving directly into demise. You are just a nameless, faceless f*ckhole to use without consequence or concern. A worthless batedrone loser solosexual edge riding addict. I know it's been hard for you, trying your best to resist. But I just want you to know...It was all for nothing. Stroke to your most destructive thoughts, get worse, make my life better with your greasy dong. It doesn’t matter how long you stay away, time isn’t on your side, all your resistance will collapse with one trigger. Send and thank me for milking you and forcing poverty.

You have a disease. You have a brain defect. Something is wrong with you. This isn’t normal. You are seriously f*cking up your life. Lucky for you I recognized this and get to take advantage of your illness. It’s okay, just unzip and send everything to me.

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