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The Meeting - A dadfag story for Monstercawk

The Meeting. 

I immediately saw him when I stepped into baggage claim. Very tall, dark and handsome. He was 30 years old and built lean and strong. Dark hair and features, he looked like a young movie star.  The Alpha saw me too and started grinning ear to ear as I walked out. I could see in his eyes I was his for the weekend.  I looked him up and down and did a quick scan of his body, suddenly focusing on his crotch. Holy shit he wasn’t joking. He was “commando” in tight workout shorts that showed off his legs but more so showed off his massive manhood. The Alpha had a log in his shorts and I could see it start to stiffen. 

The Alpha turned away and started walking to the car, never saying “Hi or how was your flight?”  I followed him staring at his ass, unable to comprehend what I had gotten myself into..  We got into his car and started driving. I could see out of the corner of my eye his bulge had gotten considerably bigger since the airport and there was a small precum spot growing on his shorts. His cock was a monster!  He had this shit eating grin on his face as he faced forward and said out of the blue, “Which bank do u use”?  I looked up confused from my phone and knew this was how it started.  “BOA, Sir” I said.  “Look up the nearest one fag” he said. My cock jumped at the statement but struggled to get erect in my newly locked cock cage. “It’s .075 miles Sir”.

The Alpha pulled onto a side street 5 minutes later and I could see a BOA drive up machine through the trees. My mind started racing; How much do I have? How much can he pull out? What am I doing? As he’s getting out of the car and starts walking to the machine I hear him say “follow me fag”.  I get out of the car and turn to find him standing under a tree. His silhouette is perfect. Tall long legs, big hands and a massive bulge that I can’t stop staring at.  The Alpha looks at me and smiles. He reaches into his shorts and pulls out the most massive fat cock and balls I’ve ever seen. He just lets it drop in front of his legs and it bounces, begging to be sucked. “Here’s the deal” he says. “You’re going to bow down in front of that ATM facing me. I am going to walk up to you, slide my cock in your mouth and it’s going to stay in your mouth until I say so. Understand fag”? I nod slowly, terrified by what I’ve gotten myself into. “Now get over there and kneel fag”.  I slowly walk over to the ATM. It’s got so many lights; Security lights, cameras, everyone can see. Fortunately it’s 1AMm so no one is out but still! “What if someone sees”, I keep thinking. 

For what seems like an eternity I get to the machine and turn.  The Alpha just stands there grinning, huge cock sticking straight out of his shorts.  He walks towards me and I really realize how tall he is.  This dude is easily 6’4” and his cock is the exact height of my mouth.  His shadow grows as he gets closer and his cock is suddenly right in front of my face. All I see is his dick coming towards me. He grabs the base of his shaft and slowly slides it in. It pushes past my lips and rests on my tongue. It is huge. So fat, my lips are spread wide and it almost cuts off my oxygen. “Gimme your ATM card fag” he says.  I struggle to get out my wallet.  I hand him the card, his cock slides into my mouth more. “Text me the pin fag” My hands are shaking, eyes are watering and chest is racing as I try and focus on my phone, texting the numbers  The Alpha chuckles when his phone chimes and I hear him say to himself “easy money” as he starts entering my pin number.  I’m now fully aware I am bowing in front of a huge Alpha,  his massive cock in my mouth as he is withdrawing what is now his cash from my bank account. His cock begins to stiffen as the machine starts kicking out the bills. 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 dollars spits out, all in 20’s. His cock slides in even more pushin my head back into the machine. I’m trapped.  I can hear the Alpha slowly counting the cash when I look up, mouth full of his manhood.  “Don’t look at me fag unless I say so”, pushing my head hard into the ATM with his cock and hips.  I just sit there frozen in time with his huge cock in my mouth when he slowly starts pumping. With each thrust of his hips he goes deeper and gets harder. As he counts the wad of bills he gets more aggressive, holding my head with one hand and his wad of cash with another. He starts to fuck my face, pushing his massive fat cock deeper into my throat and making me gag, my eyes bulge and water and I struggle with his size.  And then it happens. His cock seems to get even thicker as he screams and pushes his dick deep into my throat, cutting off all air. Huge squirts of cum flood my mouth and throat. I can’t breathe, I can’t swallow, I feel like I’m drowning as his cum load keeps pouring from his cock, down my throat. It seems to go on forever, pulse after pulse. Thrust after thrust till my gut is full of his seed.  His full weight is on me as he finally shivers and sighs heavily,  his thick hard cock slowly starts to soften in my mouth. I’m relieved as I think this is all over. He’s going to pull out now and let me up.  “I told you don’t take my cock out of your mouth until I say so fag”.  He looks down at me and gives me a playful slap on the face and then relaxes. I feel both of his huge hands grasp my head on both sides, holding me into place. Suddenly he closes his eyes and moans. I taste his piss. At first it was a small trickle down my throat, something I could handle but then immediately without warning a huge flood of warm piss fills my mouth and I’m drowning again.  I try to swallow it but there’s so much. The piss starts to flood out of my mouth and all over the ground.  The Alpha is laughing now as he pulls back and starts pissing all over me. My head, my face, my shirt, my shoes, it’s all soaked and covered in his piss. He pisses on me for over 30 seconds, the type of piss load after a full pitcher of beer. I’m soaked. The Alpha just stands there and looks at his slave, cock dripping, hanging out of his shorts with a big grin on his face. He grabs is dick and shakes it off on me before sliding it back into his shorts. A bulge again that demands to be stared at. 

“Theres a plastic bag and a plastic sheet in the trunk fag. Strip naked, put your piss soaked shit in the bag and sit on the sheet for the ride home.  I’ll sneak you up the back, he says.  I just sit there in a pool of piss, dejected and wet.  I get up and follow the Alpha back to the car, dripping piss down my legs and all over the cement. I  strip naked in front of him. He smiles as he sees my cock cage and how small my dick is. “Easy to hide such a small fag clit in there huh slave. Not anything like my monstercock” as he grabs is dick and squeezes it hard. “Your cunt is gonna gaped tonight, slave. Full of my cum and piss. You may or may not like it. Either way, I don’t care.” “Yes sir” I replied as I draped the sheet in the back. “Hold on, I got something else for you” as the Alpha digs in the trunk.  He pulls out a large piece of rope.  “Put your hands out faggot” as he walks over to me and starts tying the ropes around my wrists. “You’re mine now slave”, he growls. He bends down and looks me deep in my eyes. “I own you and we will do this every night until that bank account is empty and what is yours is mine”  I looked up to him, tiny cock caged, hands tied and marked by his piss. “Yes Sir, it’s all yours Sir” I reply as he shoves me into his back seat and closes the door. 

MASTER DIESEL Introduction

The weather is dull, my house has never been so clean or organised and another Monday in Lockdown, so I thought I would be productive and do an introduction to myself on Owned Fags. So, let’s start how would I describe myself in a few words? Well an Old Guard Leather Master, Dominant, strict but fair, Confident in knowing who I am and what I want and expect in every aspect of MY life. I have always been into wearing leather from being a teenager. Financial Domination started for me at school being in a gang of lads picking out the weak loners and cornering them and emptying their pockets and enjoying spending their money at the corner shop. I have always worked and have a long successful career, so be clear findom is not about making quick cash or easy money! I have been draining and using fags for over 20 years. I enjoy the control, obedience and getting inside fags and slaves heads and getting them onto the path of service to work hard, to earn good money, to then hand it over to ME, giving them satisfaction, fulfilment and purpose to want to do it all over again knowing you are pleasing ME. Getting that cash large or small is as horny as fuck to me watching the figure going up and spending MY money on what I want when I want.

As part of this domination is a huge part of this for me, Boot worship soles treads, heal shaft the whole boot fags, Leather worship, Oral pleasure ready for a deep throat fucking love to hear a fag gagging on my pierced thick cock, Ash use fags with open mouths ready to take my thick hot ash is not a choice is a requirement if any fags are near me while smoking MY gars, smoke abuse nothing better than seeing a fag in my gas mask in tight bondage, fuelling the fags lungs with MY thick heavy gar smoke from MY 8x80 Asylums through the gas mask tube, strict Corporal Punishment for MY pleasure not just when a fag disobeys or disrespectful, Domestic service why should I clean MY house when I can get a fag to do such mundane tasks in life. Poppering a fag slave up makes them weaker to be used and drained for MY gain and pleasure.

So, Fags PM me or approach me in the chat room and let’s show you your rightful place in life.


Fag master in self isolation
Is anyone else in self isolation and worried about their income from Fags?

I’m still waiting to see if I get any fag pigs to own but I’m worried that I’m this current moment in time there will be a lack of them due to the virus going around.

Is anyone scared and holding onto their Money because they can’t go to work or they feel like they’re going to need to cut back?

Do you think us masters are going to suffer due to the affects of corona virus? 

When is Fag Tax Day ?
Everyday = Fag Tax Day 

Pay up fags !!!

When and how do you like paying your taxes slaves ? The desire to work  hard to give it up to your masters and alpha males should be your top priority.

Your wallet drained , pockets emptied and you feeling grateful to give it to your king , that Alpha  , that Boss.

 Do you get in debt , max your credit cards , to ensure your master is taken care of ? Do you surrender all and is fully committed? 

Joyous Submission
Let's face it. The world outside sucks sometimes (and not even in the good way). 

Day in, day out, you are expected to comport yourself with whatever society deems appropriate. Decorum, etiquette, normalcy.

Fuck that.

Say it with me. FUCK. THAT.

Life outside is stifling. I, your master, offer you pleasure. I am the breath of fresh air in a life gone stale. Indulge yourself with me. Life is meant to be pleasurable. Your basest desires, your most unconventional urges, your most closely guarded kinks. Share them with me. Show them to me. Give them to me.

If you're a fag begging to give up control and let yourself feel elation unimaginable in your everyday life, I'm your man. What the hell are your waiting for?

A faggot's submission: given or taken?

A fag is still a human, not a real man, for sure; but still a lowly class of human.

It's human who consents to and who craves the degradation of itself by Men it sees as its betters.


Respect is not to be taken for granted.  Respect can easily be lost.  The same goes for the relationship between the Dominant and the submissive; the Man and the fag.  A true Dominant will give a fag's life a sense of purpose.  A Man who behaves irresponsibly will not.  When a true Master is connected with a true submissive, power is exchanged. The  Submission is a big commitment.  Something precious is handed over. The Dominant has the power to crush the submissive but He chooses not to, because He understands that with this power comes great responsibility.  The Dominant is submitted to because he deserves it, because of who He is.  Fags should take time getting to know the Dominant and vice versa; exploring together whether they have found a good match; but realising the finality of the situation if the fag chooses to refuse.  This will be game over, the end of the line, door closed.  Sometimes that is a necessary decision, sometimes the fag is being pig-headed.


It is vital that any Dominant who is given something as precious as a fag's submission takes this submission seriously.  He has the power to say and do things that could have a catastrophic impact on the fag.  Fags should also be sensible and think about what they are being told however in that moment of submission, the only thing a fag truly desires is to please the all-powerful Man.  The fag has entrusted himself completely to its Dominant and its Dominant needs to understand that with the fag's eyes fixed so firmly on Him, it is hard to see anything else.


When limits are set and agreed, the submissive should give himself wholly to the Dominant.  For the Dominant to do as He pleases, to take what He wants, to use as He wishes.  The limits have been set, submission has been given.  Service and submission are not only when it's fun. A true submissive puts the needs of the Man before his own.


Submission is precious. Treasure it. Nurture it. Stretch it. And you will have the loyalist of fags who serves you with every waking breath because you deserve it and have demonstrated how seriously you take the responsibility that comes with it.

Fags, now it’s time to submit yourself to BOOTSMASTER, to tribute me and to join  my stable!

New God in Town
No worries, faggots, because your favorite Alpha is expanding his social media. You may have seen me on twitter or tumblr, and now you have the chance to worship me here. So why don't you celebrate by giving me what's mine lol

Here you'll find the posts that make your pathetic little shrimp dick hard as a nail. You'll see my Godly feet, my amazing body, and, sometimes, me wasting some of my fag water. If you're lucky maybe you'll even see my Godcock. Think you have what it takes to serve me, pussyboi? Let's find out

A letter to a fag
Bitch ! Get on your fuckin knees, you are mine ! You afraid when you see me but you like it, The mental abuse is on the edge to get you lose your mind. Fag ,sometimes you consider  to give up because you are so scared about this control , but it's too late, you are mentally chained and you can do nothing, .... you are nothing without me and you like it. So now the only way to feel alive is to complete my tasks and make me happy. You know I am sophisticated and always in need for more. It's time for you to clean my toilet with your tongue and don't forget about my shoes, I am getting out with some girls tonight,spending your fucking money. Pets are not allowed in restaurants, you have to stay home or outside the restaurant chained.


Step 1: Admitting and accepting the truth

Admitting you are a faggot to superior men is the first step to physically finding a true alpha male to take away every right you have and completely own you. Im finally accepting the fact that I'm a cocksucker ~Justin UrDirt

My Mistake and the greatness of Master Jo
Hi Men and fags,

This is warning to all the fags out there to take extra care when talking to you Master or any Dom. Today I made a massive mistake which I deeply regret as I angered my Master, Master Jo. He found me to be very disrespectful and even considered freeing my from His service! This is something which I don't want as I love how He makes me feel and I love how He makes it seem so right that I should submit to Him, and be controlled and abused by Him. I am meant to serve Master Jo.

As you may know Master Jo is currently on holiday and I've been locked in chastity for a while now. Being very horny and submissive. Prior to His holiday He used me a lot and honoured me with a lot of His time and attention for which I am so grateful. While He's been on holiday, however, I haven't really been able to serve Him and I miss that.

Before anyone thinks I've been naughty and strayed, serving another Dom while being owned I haven't. I wouldn't do that! No what actually happened, after not speaking for a few days to Master Jo, He asked me if I didn't want to continue chatting and serving Him. My mistake, even though I thought I was being a good slave by telling the truth,  was saying I've lost some interest in serving especially in serving on-line, preferring or hoping to one day serve in person. Anyway  this of course angered Master Jo and I do understand His anger. The lesson I've taken away from this it is that first of all there is a difference between a slave and a fag. I've always seen myself as a slave. Whereas I think Master Jo sees me as a fag. I do believe it is the job of a good slave to be honest and inform its Master of how it feels. Whereas with a fag at least from a Masters point of view it doesn't matter what a fag feels. So from this point of view I completely understand Master Jo's reaction. 

When Master Jo said He was going to release me I didn't want that and the power He seems to possess over me made me beg for Him to allow me to continue serving. Thankfully He is going to allow me to continue serving Him. I am so grateful as I know when am I able to serve Him I am so much more for-filled. I just have to accept that right now, I can't serve Him like I want too and that that is no reason for me to begin questioning my ownership and how I serve. I will wait and be ready yo serve Master Jo when He returns or when He wants me to serve.   

Another thing I have learnt from this whole thing is that the way in which I was begging  to continue serving I am probably more of a fag and I am a slave. I actually feel that this is an important realisation for me as it will enable me to better serve my Master, Master Jo.

Thank you for allowing me a serve you Master.

Your fag