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Sub Task: The Ultimate Fantasy


I recently gave a newly doting faggot toy, @subcorey, a task: write for Me a fantasy of how our first real-time encounter would go. What follows is the least of a deliciously deviant weekend that I, and every Alpha deserves...

A Weekend with Master Dorian


It arrives in your city Sir. Luckily we both live in Canada so it is an easier trip. It is so nervous to meet you, it has never served a master in person and its heart is racing. It booked a nice hotel room sir, with a king sized bed, as instructed. It knows you’re on your way and it feels like it is going to pass out, it is so excited and nervous at the same time.

It hears the knock at the door. As you had previously instructed it lets you in while it is on its knees as you enter. Its heart is beating so loudly it can hear it. You inform it of some rules for our meeting. If it displeases you you will hit it, HARD. You also might hit it “just because.” You take its phone so you can send yourself cash as you please. It can jerk its tiny dick if it asks politely, but only if you say yes. 

Next you make it disrobe so you can inspect your faggot in person for the first time. You laugh at it and spend the next ten minutes telling it why it is a disappointment. It is too fat, too old, its dick is too small, it is unsuccessful in its career and it will never be a real man. It thanks you for the honest assessment Sir. It feels ashamed but its tiny dick is hard. You help yourself to some cash and it thanks you for it. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick and you reply simply, “No”. You tell it to put on a tiny pink thong, it is the loser queer’s uniform after all Sir. Then you slap it hard for being such a disgusting faggot that you have to look at.

You take a seat in a chair and order it to rub your feet. You know it doesn’t like feet, but you want comfort and your slave will provide it. It is beyond happy to be able to touch Master and make him feel good. Next you take off your shirt so it can admire your amazing muscled abs, pecs and arms. You haven’t worn deodorant or showered for a few days and tell it to lick your pits clean. They’re so stinky but i**********g at the same time. You help yourself to some more cash and it thanks you for it. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick and you reply simply, “No”.

You decide that you need some entertainment next Sir. You order it to tell you an embarrassing story from high school. You sit in the chair while it stands before you in nothing but its tiny thong, it feels like a loser on display. It tells you about the first time it felt like it was less than, that it realized it was a loser compared to the Alpha males. It was seventeen and sitting next to a guy it didn’t really know. A guy three seats over told him to hit it. The guy next to it asks why? The other responds “cause he’s a faggot!” It was pretending not to hear it but it was still a shock when that slap hit its face Sir. A group of guys laughed at it, and the teacher didn’t notice. It had tears running down its face and it felt terrible Sir. It was the first time it truly felt its place in the world Sir. It is a loser for the better Men to use and abuse for their enjoyment. Once it finishes the story you help yourself to some more cash and it thanks you for it. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick and you reply simply, “No”.

Next you use the restraints you told it to buy to secure it face down on the bed. It is exposed and helpless. You remove your belt and take off your pants to reveal a very well worn jock. You have been wearing it all week. It's saturated with your sweat, drops of piss and precum. You take it off and it tries to peek at your huge Alpha dick but you smack its face and tell it to close its eyes. You stuff the jock in its mouth to muffle any screams it might make and blindfold it so it won't know what's coming.  

It's trembling in fear as you pick up the belt, it doesn't know you're holding it. Suddenly you strike it hard across its ass. The pain is terrible. It cries out but you don't care. You tell it to count out loud each time you hit it. You slowly and methodically strike it over and over, you beat it from back to calf. Its entire backside is red and raw. It thanks you for beating it while tears run down its face. As you release it from its bonds you help yourself to some more cash and it thanks you for it. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick and you reply simply, “No”.

Dinner time and you order room service for dinner. The most expensive item on the menu for you, the cheapest for it. You don’t care, it’s paying for it after all Sir. It’s not happy with its meal but you don’t give a fuck.

You then inform it you are horny and jerk off to some porn on your phone. It tries to avert its eyes but it is entranced by your massive Alpha dick. You finally shoot a massive load on the carpet and order it to lick it up. It feels like a loser licking the carpet but it has never tasted anything so good. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick and you reply simply, “No”.

You take your place in the King size bed and fall resting. It sleeps on the floor next to you, listening to Master breathe softly and it is so filled with joy that it is blessed to spend the weekend with such an amazing man.


It wakes to you yelling at it “wake up you stupid faggot!” You need to piss but don’t want to get out of bed. You tell it to take your dick in its mouth and swallow your piss, but if it spills any there will be hell to pay! It feels the spray begin, it tastes awful but it is on a mission, it came out of Master so it is good for it. It swallows as fast as it can. You let out a sigh of relief as your bladder empties into your faggot. 

It thinks you’re done using it but then it feels your dick hardening in its mouth. It knows you’re straight but it understands right away, you want to use it as a hole, nothing more. It services you with its mouth. Up and down, up and down, it gags on your huge dick and you smack it for not keeping up. You then tell it to lick your balls clean. They smell musky and taste salty. Then you tell it to lick your hole clean. You haven’t showered in days and it can tell. It smells bad but it’s so turned on. It returns to your dick and you fuck its mouth until a flood of cum fills its throat. You help yourself to some more cash and it thanks you for it. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick but you reply simply, “No”.


You order room service for breakfast, on its tab of course. You eat a sumptuous meal and allow it to eat only toast and water. When it asks for bacon you tell it that it is fat enough already and that your cum and dirty ass were all the food it needs.

Next you tell it to entertain you with another oral presentation, something that would embarrass it. While you sit in your chair it stands before you in nothing but its tiny pink thong. It feels your eyes on its fat disgusting self. It tells Master about how it fantasizes about its male family members. How it has stolen dirty underwear from two of its cousins as well as its brother in law. That it jerked its tiny cock while it had their dirty undies in its mouth. It tells you how it wishes they would tie it down and take turns r****g its pathetic ass. It feels so ashamed yet turned on at the same time, it is such a sick fuck. You tell it that it did well and help yourself to more cash, it thanks you for taking it and asks permission to jerk its tiny dick but you reply simply, “No”.

After story time you tell it that you are sore and require a massage. You take off your clothes and lie on the bed face down. It is in awe of the manly body before it. It rubs you from head to toe and you seem pleased. You turn over so it can do the other side. It freezes when it sees your dick and you smack it hard, “stay focused faggot!” you yell.

Once the massage is over you inform it that you wish to go shopping. We visit several stores so it can buy Master whatever he wants. Every time we get to the cash you inform the cashier that it will be paying, then you make it carry all your bags. We repeat the process from store to store until you have all you need. 

After the shopping you get hungry and we go to an expensive restaurant to eat. You order plenty of drinks, appetizers and a large main course for yourself Sir. You only allow it to eat the complimentary bread and water, that is all it deserves and as you said “it is fat enough already”. When the waiter comes with the bill you point at it and say “give it to the faggot, it is paying!” 

Next we return to the hotel. You tell it to remove all its clothes except the thong and to stand in the corner and stare at the wall, for no particular reason other than you can. It thanks you for giving it time to contemplate its worthless existence. After an hour you decide to order a movie on pay per view and allow it to sit at your feet while we watch it together. It feels overjoyed that we can spend such quality time together, it feels content.

After the movie you inform it that you are horny, but that it is not needed. You jerk off to some porn on your phone. You cum into a tissue and it then watches helplessly as you flush it down the toilet. It feels heartbroken but it learns the lesson, you don’t need it and can replace it at any time. It asks permission to jerk its tiny dick but you reply simply, “No”. You get into the bed and it sleeps on the floor at your side. It falls resting to the sound of you breathing softly and it feels content and safe with its Master.


It wakes to you yelling at it. “Wake up stupid queer!” You tell it to follow you to the bathroom on its hands and knees. You sit down on the toilet and tell it to take your dick in its mouth. It feels its mouth fill with piss and it swallows as fast as it can. Once the piss abates it can feel your dick hardening in its mouth. Then it hears a fart, you’re about to shit. You tell it to suck your dick while you shit. It hears loud drops in the water and its nostrils are filled with a terrible smell. You tell it to keep sucking. It continues bobbing up and down on your huge Alpha dick while you push out more and more turds. It’s gagging from the smell but its tiny dick is so hard it keeps going until it feels a fountain of cum fill its mouth.

It reaches for the toilet paper but you stop it. You order it to lie on its back, then you squat over its face and tell it to lick your dirty hole clean. All it can see is your hole caked in shit, it doesn’t want to lick it but it has to, you ordered it to. It tastes awful but it feels so right to be used as your toilet paper, like the filthy faggot it is. You help yourself to some more cash as it cleans you and it thanks you for it.

It asks again if it may jerk off and you finally utter the word it has been dying to hear. “Yes.” You sit in a chair and tell it to get on its knees a few feet in front of you. You order it to remove the thong it has been wearing for two days and stuff it in its mouth. You reach into your bag and pull out a tube of Icy Hot and throw it to it. You order it to rub it all over its balls and use it as lube. You tell it it is not allowed to cum until you say so.

It feels like such a loser. A fat queer on its knees jerking its tiny dick with Icy Hot in front of a real man. It can taste itself with the thong in its mouth, and it can still taste your shit. Its dick and balls are burning, it’s in agony. Five minutes pass, you say nothing. Your mouth has turned into an evil grin. After ten minutes you finally tell it that it has permission to cum. You hand it a cup to jerk into. Its dick is burning. It takes it another five minutes before it finally fills the cup with its puny load. You tell it to drink it, and remark that it is the only one who will ever taste its worthless cum. It swallows the cum and asks permission to go rinse its crotch. You help yourself to some more cash, it thanks you for taking it. Finally you let it go rinse and laugh as it runs to the shower.

Once it is out of the shower you order it to pack up your things. You smack it hard for not doing it properly. After it is finally done you order it to its knees. It thanks you for using it and abusing it this weekend. It thanks you for taking so much cash from it this weekend. It will be forever grateful that it got to spend such amazing quality time with a real man like you. It kisses your shoe to show its deference and you leave. As soon as the door closes It realizes it misses you already Sir.

The real deal
My thing is findom first and foremost, I enjoy other ways of abusing and humiliating fags and if you are good and do as you are told you might get to experience that too. I know I am genetically and physcially superior to you I don't have to prove it. I know you crave control and domination fags and I am here to help you with that !!!
Humiliating Faggots
I've been on this site for a while, but I haven't been very active. There are a LOT of faggots who just enjoy being bastardized and humiliated. They seek being treated like shit, taken advantage of and stepped on. These faggots know who they are, if you get hard just reading this blog.

I had the opportunity to train a number of faggots. Usually they start off and then they cry that it's too hard! But each and every time I let one go, they come crying back to me, begging to give them another chance. I love this. Faggots live to be humiliated. But my rule is, if you leave, the return will be three times harder. So, while my other slaves, are tributing 100 tips, they will be tributing 300. Or if my slaves have to drink their own piss, the punk ass faggot has to drink his piss and two other's piss at the same time. If I'm being honest, I prefer that a slave leave and come back, because those are the slaves that will go through hell and high water to prove themselves and please me. But I have had very good slaves who have stayed with me for the long run.

Currently I have a slave who is training his pussyhole for me. He is doing it online, as he is in America and I am in France. But he sends me pictures and videos of himself beating his pussy up, just to please me. I like coming up with the harshest, most degrading things for slaves to do to go even further into their slavedom. I am a part of a number of forums and chatrooms where Masters throw around suggestions to dehumanize their fags, this is my biggest turn on. If a fag wants to really please me, he needs to become an IT. 

Hit me up if you are a fag looking to serve. I also have a kik slave group. It is only for slaves who can take humiliating videos and pics of themselves. I play fag bingo and the like, to see who is the most depraved. Man, my dick gets hard just thinking about those fags. I also have a twitter which I will share soon on my profile.

How to fully control Your sub in 9 steps

1:  You  need to get into his head.

-Learn his fantasies and what turns him on.  Use this information against him and to Your advantage.

-Find out what humiliates him, and to what level.

-Make him show his loyalty to You regularly. Reward him, even if it’s just with positive attention when he does show loyalty.

- Aside from family, close friends and work, give him 0% privacy.  Don’t hide this process from him, make him partake in handing it over to you in ways that demonstrate how he is “losing the privacy.”  

-Make him need You for everything.  Point out how You help him, how You guide him, and how You accept the negative things about him.

- h******s, especially while they are resting can help transfer messages, ideas and ideals about You deep into their faggot head.


2:  Punish him often for everything, no exceptions!

- Don’t let him get away with anything!  When You let your sub get away with something. You are telling him that You don’t care for him and that what he did was ok.

- You can Spank, paddle, or whip him.

- Humiliate him past what is easy for him.

- Long term bondage. 

- Corner time.

- Food restrictions.

- Writing standards/lines.

- Write a book report or essay.

- Ground him/take away privileges.

- Wash his mouth out with soap.

- Make him do anything he hates.

- Get creative and make the punishment match the crime.

- Never use separation or the threat of leaving/ending Your control over him as a punishment.  That is counterproductive to the end goal (trust and service) and is detrimental to the faggot.



3:  Routinely discipline him.  This is different than punishment.

- Spank him once a week, just because You can, not too hard, not too soft.

-Humiliate him often.

- 5-10 minuets of corner time a day can do wonders for him, like a sub’s meditation.

- If he is stressed, give him a break and put him in some comfy bondage for a while.  You may or may not want to integrate impact play with this.  For lots of subs, some pain can really help elevate their mode for the rest of the day or longer.

- Routine discipline will save You time and energy in the long run.  You will have to punish him less as a result.

- Taking care of You can be part of his discipline.  Have him do Your laundry, cleaning, etc. 





4:  On some level, even if it’s small, keep Your sub horny for You.

- Talk sexy to him.

-Sexualize non sexual things/activities You are interested in. He will see whatever it is You’ve sexualized as such and be more interested/eager to engage.

- Have Your sub do some or all of Your body grooming. This can be Your baths, Your nails, shaving, trimming, waxing, etc.

- Scare him by telling him when and what You’re going to do to him in the near future.  Always follow through.

- Send him text messages with orders to do something sexual.

- Make him give You orgasms.  This is different from sex.  This is a service.

- Let him rest on You to smell You as You watch TV or read.

- Give him underwear/items of Yours to smell as he sleeps.

- h******s, especially while Your sub sleeps can help with this too.


5:  Control Your own feelings of guilt.

-      Your sub needs You to be strong “with” him.  You may, and in most long term cases, should, show vulnerabilities in Yourself for other aspects of Your life. However, when it comes to him and Your control over him, be firm!

-      Some meanness and cruelty will be needed from time to time to help break Your sub down, or to keep him broken down.

-Your sub may not want everything You give him/ do to him, but he needs it, or most of it at least.

-      Letting Your sub get away with insubordinate behavior because You feel guilty adequately and severely addressing it is weak.  You need to control that shit.

-      Sub faggots need a real man who is close to them to guide them.  Sometimes real men need to show the fag that they are inferior.  This can’t always be done by talking.  And if it is done my talking, the talking can’t be politically correct/kind.

-      Humiliation/breaking him down, teaching him to serve long term, these are all things he needs.  You are filling his needs.

-      Remember, You both need to be happy.  But happiness comes from different places for different people.  If there is communication, and Your sub has communicated that he needs this life to be happy, then You are doing him a service and loving him by breaking him down and controlling him.

-      A good sub is hard to find. Don’t let the guilt of giving him what he needs stop You from doing so. What he needs may be overwhelming for him and he may break. If he does be there for him.



6: Humiliate/degrade/break him down on some level daily, some days more than others.

- Have him wear a small butt-plug for a time, wifi enabled if possible.

- Have him be naked or close to it, around You and or Your friends.

- Make him wear a collar or other symbol of inferiority.

- Make him wear a chastity device sometimes.

- Teach him “tricks” like sit, how to drop to his knees to kiss Your crotch, etc.  In public or with friends randomly call out a trick every now then. Make sure Your sub does this flawlessly without hesitation.

- Make him masturbate for You.

- Slap him in the face.

- Spit on him.

- Treat him as an inferior in public.  (Ex: he carries all bags, opens doors, eats Your leftovers, holds Your drinks, ties Your shoes  etc.)

- Make him eat his own cum sometimes.

- Talk down to him in front of others


7: Rearrange his life/time to better serve/please You.  Make sure this does not interfere with his time with loved ones or work.

- If You want to change his body to Your liking, do so.  Control his workouts, diet etc.  Make sure and be realistic with this one.

- Make sure he is available during some of Your leisure time each week so he will be able to serve You during those times.

- Put him on a resting schedule.  Lots of fags are not able to adequately manage their sleep times.  The better rested he is, the better he will serve You.

- Go through his closet/things and throw away/put away any clothing You don’t like him to be wearing.

- Sign him up to learn new tasks or prefect tasks/skills that will help You.  (Ex: massage classes, cooking classes, pet care, etc.)

- Change his grooming habits to Your liking.




8: Help Your sub be grateful for everything he has.  Make sure You are at the top of that list.  One great way to do this is to deny him things.  Yep, it’s time to say “No.”  Subs need boundaries, and saying “No” is a great way to help them with those boundaries.

- You can take away certain foods, comforts, leisure time, sex, masturbation, etc.

- Make him show his gratitude to You often.  Often, faggots will show this to You in their own way. But, most faggots will need some help/instruction on exactly how to show their gratitude to You.

- Make him explain why he deserves something. If he can’t explain why well enough. Then take it from him.

- You can take things/items from him that You know he does not need, but likes.  (Make sure he can afford for You to take them and that they are not of an additional value such as sentimental etc.)  Let him know from time to time that You enjoy something that You took from him.   By taking things away from him, You are in a sense rewarding him when You give them back. Also, nothing he has is his forever. You may need to re-take things and privileges away from him periodically so he knows they are a privilege and not a right.  Think of it like taking a food bowl away from a dog.  Your sub needs be docile enough that You can take his food bowl away from him as he is eating. He will not make a fuss and patiently wait until the food is returned

- Offer him a reward of getting to have something back. Make what you give him back relevant to what You make him do to earn it back. 




9:  None of these actions will work without real trust.

- If Your sub is Your partner, let him know how much his sub-ass completes You and Your power.

-  If Your sub is not Your partner, make sure You two are real friends, or at least care for one another on a deep level.  Let him know that You appreciate how his inferiority completes you.  The more You two know about and do with each other, the more thoroughly You can control him.

-Part of trust on the sub’s side is trusting that You will follow through when You say You are going to do something to him or are going to make him do something.  Follow through always!

 -  When a sub fully trusts You, he can submit to You his mind and privacy. This Lets You go in and re-arrange/manage his life.

- Subs need constant reassurance.  Let him know that no matter what, he is Yours.  If a quality sub feels disposable, he will look for another Dom who appreciates his surrender.

- If Your life is getting too hard for a bit or You need help with something, trust that Your sub will be able to take over for You and act in Your best interest until You are back in shape.  Giving subs this responsibility will either make him feel trusted and good, or upset that You are not actively controlling him 100% of the time.  If he gets upset and does not step up and take over for You, then drop him like a hot potato.

-Talk to Your sub often.  Ask him how he is feeling, and let him honestly know how You are feeling on anything and everything.




Please note:

 Do not ever deny him from being with core friends or family.  In fact, you need to encourage that.  Make sure he understands that the happiness that comes from being with them is “second” to the happiness that he brings them. Make him understand that if he pulls away from loved ones while he is under Your control, his loved ones will suffer. Inevitably, this will be very good for him.  Now, for Your own piece of mind, make sure that his bonds grow with his family and core friends.  A sub without a support group is a liability.  If things go sour between you two, and Your sub has transitioned over the past few years to serve You in every way, then he will be devastatingly lost when his submission to You ends.  That is not a humane thing to do with a sub.  As a Dom, it is Your job to guide the sub.  Most subs will get lost in their submission to their Dom.  This is a beautiful thing.  But with that comes responsibility for the Dom.  You not only need to be thinking in Your best interest, but Your sub’s best interest too.  This includes his mental health both with You, and during the transition if and when you two separate. 



Important: The following is a list of things to control a sub only. Please do not implement these ideas if You do not care about and are not committed to Your sub.  This list is not all inclusive of how to treat Your sub. This list leaves out the important kind necessities that Your sub needs such as reassurance, love, respect, being protected, allowed to be protective of You etc.  These ideas are for a long term 24/7 arrangements, not a scene.  Not everything will apply in every case, and there may be things on the list that will not work for You.

Master is Here

I'm new to this site, but not to domination. I'm young, strong, and am willing to give strong and consistent Mastery to those who can show themselves worthy. Of course, none of you slave fags will ever come close to deserving me. But, I am a consistent Master with selective taste. If you know how to be a proper slave and worship me, I might consider you. If you are new, but can entertain me and are willing to learn, I might consider allowing you into my Stable.

Stable privilege include bespoke humiliation, individual attention and domination, and occasional access to view my body and sexuality, for the very best of the class. 

You need to be ready to surrender. You need to know your place. 

If you think you could serve, message me.

- Night Prince

Kink Glossary - Humiliation

Okay so its been a while since my last blog. My reasons are my own and don’t expect an apology for it. I’m gonna go for a popular past time and subject tonight. Humiliation

Everyone knows this subject either as a provider or victim of it. But those of you who are new to it here’s a rundown of the basics.

Verbal -This is the most versatile and basic of Humiliation. This is the insults, the belittling degradation, the screaming, the profanity etc. But for those in the know its also the way to remind people of their rightful place in the order of things. Alpha, Boss and Sir when reinforced into someone helps to remind them your superior to them. Likewise Slave, Boi, and Faggot can be used to remind them they’re less than you a good cunt and bitch thrown in for good measure doesn’t hurt but remember verbal humiliation can be/mean so much more when used right.

Clothing – Lets be fair the first one that usually comes to mind is usually sissyfication. Put them in women’s underwear/clothing and emasculate them. But don’t forget there’s more fun to have beyond that. Try putting them in a nappy and turning them into something weak and helpless. This humiliation doesn’t even have to include clothes. Strip them naked and bare and make them even more exposed to you and your abuse. Give them a uniform (domestic/prison) and reinforce that they serve/obey you when they have that uniform on. Remind them of it every time.

Animal – Here’s a fun one. Indoors or outdoors treating them like an animal is great. And it’s even easier if you have a pet. Lock them in a cage, make them eat pet food, have them tied up to a tree in the woods. Let them beg for your attention and let them know when they’ve done something wrong just like you would any other animal. Treat them like a pig and throw them in the mud, ride them like a horse and hit them with that whip when they’re too slow. If your into harsh discipline and humiliation give them a shock of electro to keep them in line with a nice shock collar.

Toilet/Object – The only one I’ve combined because whilst a toilet is an object its such a wonderful humiliation tool it had to have a special mention. Those that love the piss, shit (you know who you are) and the other dirty bodily functions so much to you a broken toilet is an opportunity to serve a guy in ways few will. Just make sure you get flushed in the toilet when your done and need to clean off. Of course you still have the other more standard object rolls of footstool, doormat and ashtray. Make sure your ready for a guys feet at all times.  If his boots need cleaning get that tongue out. If they need putting up then get yourself over their so he can rest them on you. And when he’s ready with his cig get yourself over to him. NOW!!!

Deprivation – Those with someone loyal and obedient will know this one and use it to great effect. The biggest and most humiliating thing you can deprive someone of his freedom, or more specifically freedom of choice. Chastity is common one in this area with the key holder in control until he either begs or pays for release (or maybe both). Don’t forget though this can tie in with other humiliation. Tell him what he can wear during the day, what he can eat and when to go to the toilet etc. Never limit yourself when you can limit someone else instead. 

Task - Clean up, kneel, go wait for me here etc. Tasks are the humiliation by obedience they underpin the majority of humiliations. They require authority to deliver and loyalty and obedience to submit to. But remember this they show respect when completed and disrespect when failed or poorly done.

Worship – Finally another obvious one, and quite a popular choice for those new to the site. Boots, feet and socks are the first choice for pics and worship. Simple, plain and the lowest point you can serve someone (it’s all about your status). If your lucky you can work your way up to his pits or maybe even arse or dick or dick if your lucky. Of course the main purpose of this site is financial worship so don’t forget it. It’s the only worship that matters. 

One last note, if you want to prolong the humiliation add photo and video footage to the above. Make sure that the memory and feeling is constantly reinforced and maybe you could move onto a bit of blackmail

Pulling - How a bitch should behave


I am on my knees on the hard and cold kitchen floor.

I feel his strong hand pushing my back.

No choice but bending over.

Resting my face on my hands.

My bare bum fully exposed.

I know he is looking; I know what he likes.

I wait patiently

His left hand is pushing my back further down.

My knees hurt but I can't back down now,

I need to feel what is coming.

His right hand grabs my hair, pulling my head back.

As he pulls, I feel shivers going down my spine.

For a moment I think of what we are doing,

Being here like animals feels both unnatural and natural.

I feel his hard on against my bum.

I want him inside but I do not move.

I hear him moan, his body could not remain silent.

I shut my eyes and focus on myself.

My nipples harden, they know what is coming.

In an act of defiance, I utter the words he was waiting for: 

"Take all of me, show me what I am to you".

And so he did.

New to OF Straight Master Intro Post
Hey I'm new to OwningFags but not to Owning Fags.  22.  Straight.  USA.  Shawn Haze.

Like My little blurb above says I'm new here, but not to domination.  I don't know what it is about Me aside from the fact I'm hot as fuck, but for some reason even "straight guys" find themselves completely dumbstruck by My presence.  While most of My experience has been real time, as I dip My toes in the water of the porn industry I'm becoming more and more curious about what kind of freaks lurk on the internet waiting to pay Me.  All the emails I get are pathetic, but mostly hilarious.  Had a guy write Me randomly on Facebook begging to pay Me to smell My shoes.  I didn't think it was legit until he paid the deposit I jokingly demanded, and have been researching this whole financial domination thing since then.  I harbor no hatred towards fags, I just genuinely get a kick out of gay dudes being so obsessed with Me they pay Me for permission to try to jerk it.

Outside of that finsub on social media, most of My experiences have been real time.  My girl and I had this fat house slave for a bit, and it was always funny as fuck to listen to him scrub the bathroom until it was literally squeaky clean.  He was My age as well which only made it more pathetic and enjoyable.  She would have him get all dressed up and sissified, then he'd beg to suck My dick. When he was denied, obviously, he licked My shoes clean.  I think the real fun was as soon as he left and We would just burst into tears laughing so hard.  Of course, I can't forget the cuck.  His loser ass met Me at an adult convention once and he couldn't even look Me in the eyes.  He wound up paying big for the privilege of listening to Me fuck through a closed door locked in chastity.

The biggest thing about this for Me is the power rush.  Knowing some no name loser is so obsessed, refreshing his messages, begging through his finances for My attention knowing he can't have Me gets Me off the most.  Obviously this site is for fags, but My girl and I love dominating losers two on one.  It adds an extra element of kink to our dynamic to watch each other be so cruel and controlling over a submissive weakling, and our games to push it to the next level only give us better and better sex.

Outside of S&M, My nickname is 'stunt penis' due to the fact My little porn star uses My dick for miscellaneous porn We profit from.  I don't need to financially dominate losers, its just fun for Me.  I'm planning on relocating to the west coast, and while My primary interest is obviously $$$ I would like to find the right person to establish a long term relationship with the goal of being a live in slave for clips, house keeping, butler service, and general non sexual use by Me and everyone in My life.  When I'm not being surprised at what desperate betas spend money on, I'm in the gym, banging, smoking, chilling, lounging, traveling, living the best life.  

I'll be updating with photos and videos soon but until then, shoot Me a message if you're intrigued.

Slave Journal 1

Have a gander at what it's like being My slave. This is a journal entry I had My slave write up after his worship session.

As I parked my car my heart started to pound.  I became nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time.  My location?  My new Master’s home.  Lord Julius.  I was only “feet”, pun intended, away from His presence.  This was my third session with Him as his newly devoted foot slave.  I knew I was there to serve Him, to please only Him, and to worship Him and fulfill His desires.  What I wanted or needed was irrelevant.  I am still an unworthy foot slave there to service my Master and to do His bidding.  I was so excited to have this privilege, this honor, to worship His feet, and more.

Lord Julius opened the door and I immediately dropped to my knees and kissed the shoes on His feet.  I present Him with my sacrifice, my tribute.  Remember, “Worship without a cost is not worship at all”.  My Master’s words.  He sat and ordered me to crawl to Him and to remove His shoes.  Once done, the Heavenly aroma of sweat and feet filled my nostrils as I gazed down at his socks that He had been wearing for three days.  When told, I removed my Master’s sweat-filled socks and put them to my nose and breathed in deeply.  There was no better smell around.  He asked me if I remembered the process by which any devoted foot slave would use to initially “greet” His glorious feet, by sniffing, or if I required remedial training.  I told Him that I had forgotten the procedure.  I begged forgiveness for forgetting.  Lord Julius is fair, yet firm!  He retrained me but I knew if I forgot again that I’d be punished, and rightfully so.

Once I properly greeted His feet by slowly sniffing and kissing them, He instructed me to gently take each toe, one at a time, and gently nibble away any toenail overgrowth and to chew and swallow any removed toenails.  Being the obedient slave that I am, I did as instructed.  It was truly an honor to please My Master.  Once this was done, Lord Julius lit a cigarette and proceeded to dump it’s ashes onto a dinner plate.  To sweeten it, he repeatedly added His own spit and mixed it up into a fine broth, which he placed His feet in.  Like mashing grapes, My Master coated the soles of His manly, perfect feet with the ash mixture.  When ready, all He said to me was, “LICK”.  Without hesitation, I methodically licked and sucked every inch of His soles.  I extended my tongue as far as I could to get in between each toe and then sucked, in fact deep throated, firmly but gently, each toe until it was spotless and I had consumed all ash, spit, sweat and stink from His feet.

As an “initial” reward Lord Julius allowed me to clean His toilet.  I was on my hands and knees cleaning off every mark that My Master left on and around His “throne”.  Again, it was my duty to please Him.  When done, I had a brief thought, actually it was an excited idea, that Lord Julius would have me test my toilet cleaning skills by having me lick the toilet seat where he places His perfect body.  To my sorrow, He did not.  Once completed, My Master further rewarded me by ordering me to lay in the bathtub, on my back, with my head towards the drain.  He then stood on the edges of the tub, towering above me, almost in a God-like, straddling pose.  Lord Julius then dropped the basketball shorts he was wearing and preceded to drench my entire face and head in a constant stream of warm piss.  At first I had to turn away to catch my breath.  My Master ordered me to look up again and to open my mouth an to catch and swallow as much of his warm, tasty piss as I could.  I obeyed!  I swallowed and kept swallowing from his glorious, high powered stream until He was relieved.  I couldn’t get enough, I wish He had more to give me at that time.  It was so good to be his toilet, to be humiliated by Him so that He could be pleased.  This was and is my duty as my Master’s slave.

It wasn’t over.  Lord Julius wasn’t quite content yet and wanted to use me for His delightful purposes even still.  I was His to command and He knew He had me in every way.  As He lay on the couch, with His perfect feet hanging over the end, I continued to lick and suck ever square inch of His feet.  He’d order me to alternate between a gently licking, almost a “tickling” in fact, with my tongue, to using my teeth to scrape any remaining dead skin cells from His heels or soles.  What I didn’t know, at first, what that as I was serving my Master’s feet as His obedient slave, He was preparing a very special meal for me, one last reward for taking care of His needs.

He ordered to me to look up and what I saw made my heart pound once again with anticipation.  My Master had His cock out, stroking it, almost to the rhythm I was using when gently stroking his soles with my tongue.  Before long, I could feel his feet and legs begin to quiver.  I knew dinner time was near.  He reached down for the dinner plate once again, the same plate that still contained remnants of my glorious Master’s spit and ash.  Within seconds, His beautiful, large cock, exploded with a thick white goo of His DNA.  The plate was drenched in it.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of it, and yet I dared not get to distracted and delay servicing His feet by what I had just witnessed.  He placed the plate back on the floor and slowly soaked each foot in His own warm, sticky, DNA-infused bodily fluids.

To further degrade and humiliate me, to put me in my place and to remind me of where I belong, which is at my Master’s feet, he ordered me to clean off His cum-coated soles with my tongue.  I couldn't resist, even if I wanted to.  His power over me was Supreme. I was His.  I preceded to lick every drop of the Godly nectar from His feet.  When done, I even begged to further lick the plate clean.  My Master was in a giving mood and granted me, His obedient slave, my wish to further soak up any remaining jizz from the plate.  I obliged.  When I was through and My Master was done using me, He ordered me away.  I thanked Him for being my Master and for allowing me to serve Him.  I was saddened.  There’s a quote by Dr. Suess and it goes like this, “Don’t cry because it’s over.  Smile because it happened”.  This slave is still smiling.  Who wouldn’t smile once you’ve had the opportunity to be Lord Julius’ foot slave.  What’s next?  I’ll simply say that I’ve got a rim chair on order and I’d like to have my Master use and humiliate me once again by having me be His human toilet paper this time. Perhaps, this time, in a different way, his toilet.  Until next time, Sir.


Your Obedient Slave

life is not the same for everyone and slaves must serve their lord. I am your, master and your god and above all my power is supreme. 

 I can do anything I want with your body and your money, you are ALWAYS owing something to me knowing that you'll never be as lucky as me... cause I'm like the slot machine to the gambler and you can't stop spending money on me.

You'd love to lick my Devine feet and you better do it as I command or you'll be kicked in the balls.

 A fancy kid like me deserves money to empower his own master power. As the rules are broken you will be punished as a stupid fag that you are. Obviously you'll be humiliated, vilified anyways but nonpaying fags are less useless than shit so you'll be put on chastity and will have to send pictures proving your sacrifice to me. Your bank account will be spent away in little time and I won't even tell you when, you'll just see what a master kid can do.

I am your little Jesus and you'll obey my commandment being completely mindfucked, to gain your paradise you MUST pay indulgences or your life will be lived in curse and total punishment.