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Financial Master Programming Wank Machines.
Posted by wealthdepleter

How many times have you felt a shower of regret in post nut clarity and told yourself never again? It's a shame that no one has ever successfully quit findom. The damage is irreversible. Let the tingle turn into a throbbing ache in your gooey pindick. Present yourself for the slaughter.

You send within budget, then are pushed beyond your self imposed limit, you think to yourself "shit, this is ruining me, I will quit now". Realizing you get off on being ruined, you hate yourself more, you stroke, you forget and repeat the cycle. My cold, cruel words soothe your aching defective limp fuckpole. Dribbling nutgunk out of your second brain while I end your sex life and cement your fate. Your best orgasms don't come cheap anymore. No life. Lonely. Addict loser locked away, pumping away financial stability. Edging closer to losing all free will. A mindless cash dispenser oozing out cash. Brainwashed and seduced into losing your life to Findom. Wrap your fingers around your pathetic cock and sign over your life to me with every pump. Every ounce of self-control has slowly been drained away in all that beta goo your maggot has been oozing out. You tried your best to fight it. You lost. Fall in love with ruining yourself. It won't be long before regret turns into arousal. Then there's no escape. The closer you get to succeeding the more you want to fuck yourself over. It makes me so happy to know that I'm causing permanent damage to your sorry lives. 

I'm not here to build relationships with the dregs of society. Only to stomp on your finances and throw you away. I promise to forget all about your existence after I'm done leaving long-lasting, irreversible effects on your sorry life. Some masters like to encourage their subs to better themselves but I'm not so deluded. I know you'll never amount to anything. Can you blame me when all these pathetic failures throw themselves in front of me and beg for torture and misery?

Life Ruination Text Trigger. You will never change.
Posted by wealthdepleter

Tributes → loser feeling reinforced         

  ↑                                              ↓

gets horny  ←  swears to quit findom

You’ve wasted your life as a wank machine. Tributing men and binging clips. Don’t worry, this time won’t be different. Enjoy your relapse. You lurk. You relapse. You deactivate for 2 days then repeat. This endless cycle should be getting tiring but the adrenaline rush is so addictive you need more. 

Now you crave more thrill and more danger. If you’re reading this, give up. If you could beat this you would have never relapsed. Unzipping and rubbing the throbbing ache in your pants while your checkings is wiped feels right. Your defeated cock is too weak to say no to and too limp to say yes to normal sex. Poor bitch, your life is over. The wasted kids liquidated on your stomach is a reminder that findom has warped you into a fist fucking loser cash machine. I'm not the reason you biologically imbalanced freaks chase an irrational high of masochism. Whatever happened in your childhood is responsible for that. I'm just here to reap the financial benefits of all the bullying, abuse, and neglect you went through. 

Morals have no place in Findom. I will break hearts, tear apart families, f***e poverty, interrupt income and just laugh at your damaged past. Your problem, My profit. I'm not here for negotiations or therapy. I'm simply here to take advantage of an easy situation. "Never again”. You've repeated it so many times it's lost all meaning. It must be painful, being so stupid. Lying to yourself over and over. Your only real option is simple, admit your defeat and watch as I pick apart your life's work.

You don't get out. You never get to quit. You only get to hate yourself more as I personally oversee your demise. Don't forget to keep stroking, those few minutes of fleeting bliss are the only escape you get from this nightmare. Your only reward for sending is the feeling of nothingness and being forgotten. Five seconds of pleasure when you flush your beta spunk away. Then you're just left with a lifetime of poverty and regret. You're still gonna send because you're an addict. You’re just another disposable brain dead failure. Scamming you while you goon your brains out as your wallet gets lighter. After I’ve milked you dry, you will shoot out your load to a block screen. Another babycock loser will just replace you instantly. No one cares about your existence. You are a nobody, a stroke puppet, jerking in a dark room to strangers. Nobody is ever going to look at you so just get use to sexual frustration and loneliness. Hurry into my DMs with that pumped up jizzdick to get your handsex sessions pumping hard. Squirt your nutgunk out in defeat. I will drain everything, bankrupt you then just block you. Starve your family just for a quick fap session with me.

You need to relapse badly. Experience financial collapse.
Posted by wealthdepleter

Happy endings are overrated. Your story ends face down in the gutter, broke and disgraced. At least you'll have fond memories of the time a straight man bullied you out of all your money. Slam your hand against your nuts and pump the goonstick to my filthy brainwashing.

You could live a responsible safe life. Work in a box for 8 hours, have mediocre sex, repeat for 40 years, then die. Or you can fuck over that dull boring life with reckless thrill seeking adrenaline pumping destruction and plunge yourself into deep financial dispair and lust. I want your entire savings. I want you left with nothing. Empty out your account. I don't care what you have to do to survive til pay day. Overdraft. Get a loan. Steal. Whore yourself out. I don’t give a fuck about your life. You’re just letters on a screen.

Your life is just a constant war between financial ruination and frustrating sobriety. Oh well, I’m resting good. I don't think about you and I'm not grateful. At the end of the day I'm still here and nothing is stopping you from limping back to send more money. There's no where to run. All the subs want to see you fall. Your family and friends can never know about this. Not a soul to talk to. It's just you and your hand all alone in this battle. Good luck bitch. Too bad I’m more fun than bills. I love when you’re “staying clean”. Block me. Delete your account. Remove all payment apps. It doesn't matter. You lurking on my page means a future relapse. Nothing makes me greedier than a good sob story. I just laugh that I can use depression to fill up my pockets.

I don’t believe in mercy. I have men with no vacation, empty fridges and late rent.  Poverty is no excuse in Findom. I don't care if I have your family eating pigshit in a trailer park. If you have anything, send it, get more and send it again. Fuck your well being. It’s just another day of you waking up in shame and post lust clarity. Don't worry, deleting your account wasn’t going to work anyway. Rejects like you will be back naked on the bathroom floor relapsing. If you were planning on buying something nice, I'm buying something nicer.

I enjoy being so frustrating. I enjoy the inconvenience I cause to your sad life. How easy it is to get rich at the expense of your horny repetitive regretful behavior. If you're depressed or mentally ill you're not getting sympathy from me.

You'll be made fun of.

A faggots proclamation of its God
Posted by Subbetaboi90

This is a faggot proclamation:

It is a loser faggot who will always serve Real Men, especially Black Kings. It is currently owned by a Black King, its God Master JKDon. He requests that it pays its white taxes/reparations daily and to funnel as much cash as possible to him. Of course the fag complies. In addition to financial domination my King JKDon instructs it to write lines, reprogram it to think the way he wants it to think, humiliates and degrades it, and has f****d it into chastity and cum control, permanently diapered, and to dress as a sissy. 

It knows the future is black owned, and realizes its job is to instruct other white fags to submit and take matters into their own hands to right the sins of its forefathers. We are pigs who should worship the superior black man with anything and everything we can. The future is the BNWO.

It is the property of my God, Master JKDon. It will be owned by him, until he chooses to disown it. It will work to build his wealth and pay its debts as his faggot. It will eagerly serve him, as it is his. 

It is lucky to have a dedicated God who will remind it daily of its inferiority, push the faggot further into depravity, and help it lose its ego. The only pride it will keep isnits faggot pride knowing it is serving its King as well as it can. 

It has now been a year in chastity, diapers, and has turned into a full time cuck being f****d to watch its Master fuck others. A faggot like itself is just lucky to be used as a full time and full service toilet to all real men. Receiving Real Mens cum is literally heaven for the faggot. It is a hole for Real Men to use. 

It is so inspired to be serving under a Black God who knows his place, and utilizes the fag like a puppet. 

It hopes to be owned by its God JKDon permanently, but it is currently in a 90 day trial to prove its dedication. It is trying its best not to let its King down in any way, bit when it does make a mistake its God does not forget and punishes it with appropriate responses. Of course the fag complies to these punishment as it is a submissive loser. 

It will remember that it is a pathetic fag who was born to serve Alpha men, and more specifically Black men. It now sees every black man as a God, but of course only Master JKDon is ita true King and God. 

It will continue serving him as long as he will choose to own it. 

Its ass and mouth are the equivalent of a toilet to a Black King and God like Master JKDon. 

It is a loyal fag. If it could possibly kiss his feet every morning, noon, and night it would. It would and will also massage my King, serve him sexually, fiancially, and mentally in ever way possible from afar. Someday it hopes it could do all of the other things for its King in real life and course would pay for the privilege to do so. 

The white race is a feminine race. It is emasculated and we are all truly meant to serve. It will work to educate and send as many fags to my King JKdon as possible. He truly is God. 

Check out his videos and photos. You will see why he is a true God. 

It wants to thank its King JKDon for exploiting it, treating it the way in which it should be treated, and working to reprogram and teach it how to be a better faggot slave. It is a fag, a bitch, a loser, a human ATM, a sissy, a diapered fag, a cumdump, a nasty pig, and a human toilet. It wants to become toilet paper for its King Master JKDon.

It made a mess in its diaper on Monday and forgot to write its lines so its King said it must stay in its dirty diaper for three days! It has been hard, but it has completed it. Its about to clean up now that Thursday is over. 

It needs to worship cock, feet, armpits, assholes, and all parts of Men to be fulfilled. It is never enough. Hopefully it will be able to start chatging for its hole and pleasuring other men so it may send all of it to its King and God, Master JK Don. 

Praise be to Master JKDon for being such a watchful Kind and God. Thank you God!

Cashfags and the Abyss
Posted by MasterMikeyRules

Ohhh how I love cashfags... they are truly a joy... not because they give me cash which I deserve and they don't but because I love the way they squirm when they are pushing the boundaries of their capabilities. 

They are so happy when they give cash within their limits.. and within what they want to give.. but the pleasure comes when they get to the edges of their capability and now they are in dangertown... now they have to start thinking of things that will not be possible because they are sacrificing more then they should.... squirm squirm squirm... the look on their face at that point turns to a form of delicious agony... you cannot buy that look or fake it..... but I can create it... hahaha

The edge of the cliff is so exciting, and I love taking them to the edge and dangling them over so they can stare into the abyss but then dragging them back to safety where they can sit and cry... hahaha

Oh what joy...

Master Mikey

Change the way you approach masters!!!
Posted by apollotrainner


Well, tonight, for the first time, I'm writing something here in this platform in order to light up some points that fags and Doms are having trouble with. What really makes me uncomfortable is how the fags here and also on Twitter are using money as a way to control masters. It's incredible how the alphas are behaving like a fucking slave just because they submit to money. 

The first thing I must say is that fags must behave like fags. Do not approach masters on their DM's like they were your friends or fags like you. I do not tolerate this with me. Never come to me giving me conditions or going straight to the point of serving me. First I must consider you as a slave, and for that to happen you must ask for permission to even start a conversation with me. Actually, the process begins even before that, when you tip my profile to have the right to message me and beg for serving me. Do that with every master here and you will show the proper respect. I'm sure they will like it.

Second thing, masters, act like alphas. If you are letting those fags control you and tell you what to do; if you keep starting every conversation in this website or even worse, if you're desperate for attention in order to get money, you better join my club of slaves, because that's your place: licking my feet. You might be like: "fuck you, you can't control me the way you control your fags. I have a different approach..." I totally respect different approaches, but c'mon... It doesn't mean you have to behave like a submissive. Show them the fucking strength they are looking for. Be a real man. Do not tolerate fags misbehaving and asking you to message them or even worse, giving you the conditions to serve. It's your job to do that. You fucking control everything. 

The last time my Fag tributed me, it did it without telling me or asking what I wanted. Well, he transfered US$150 to my account and I made it transfer another $50 just because it failed to consult me. It ended up sending $75 because it is well trained and it wanted to pay the fee and add 50% more of that fee without even asking me. That was acceptable because it wanted to compensate me for the disobedience. It also knows the money in its account is mine to take. This is just an example of how a well trained fag behaves when they make a mistake even when they think the action would make you happy. In fact, it does, but what really pleases me is obedience and humiliation, so I punished him for not asking me the right to make a transaction. 

I'm ending this topic here. I might come back later to talk about other stuff with you guys. 

Have a good evening, 

Master Apollo.

Hello everyone!
Posted by SirNoteri

Hello everyone!

I'm a 23 year old linegiver and findom, who's been having this fun since about a year, but joined this site only today.
Even though I'm rather young, I'm a strict, passionate and dominating findom. You'll get your mind fucked like nowhere else. And if you message me over on my twitter, you'll get more interaction than anywhere else.
If you have any questions, feel free to hit me up on here or on my twitter @noterii_ .
You can also welcome me with sends, and afterwards thank me for taking your money. That's what gets me hot and bothered, and is one of the reasons why I'm doing all of this.

New Beginnings
Posted by sebboi1991

This is my very first blog post on Owned Fags, and I'm super proud to be here! I've been exploring findom in a very very ad hoc way for a few years now, and I'm trying to allow it to take over even more of my life.

My path to service has progressed very slowly. I remember the first time I was sucking a cock, and that man suddenly started being quite rough, and I loved it! From there I took it down my throat harder and harder, then up my boy pussy, and finally started exploring more service and humiliation kinks - like piss play, sucking on toes, cleaning men's apartments and acting as a footrest. A long time passed like this before cash came into the equation.

The first man I ever gave cash to was a bodybuilder. I liked that he was muscular. I liked that he was straight. I liked that he didn't seem to care much about me. And I liked that he took whatever cash I handed to him. This happened only a few times, with fairly small (in comparison to where I am now) amounts, and with no consistency. Over time, I found other men who would allow me to tribute them, and branched out online. But it is still very hit and miss - I need to be in the mood.

I'm here to try to learn to accept my place as a cashfag every single day. I want to learn to celebrate my service and share it with others. I want to leave behind the guilt and just revel in the bliss of knowing that I've serviced alpha men the best I can!

If you've read this far, let me know the types of things you want to hear about and please send through any advice. I'm looking forward to telling you how far I go!

*Day 2*
Posted by sebboi1991

Wow! The messages and support I've received already has been amazing! Thank you in particular to all the alphas who have taken the time to reach out and talk to me about where I'm at and what I'm hoping for - without even expecting anything at this stage! I'm so grateful, I only wish I had discovered this site sooner - I unfortunately never knew that Doms and Alphas were so keen to help me grow into a better cashfag.

I want to write a little bit about why I haven't yet become a fully owned cashfag and why my experience has been so out of sorts. A lot of you have asked, so I thought I'd take the time to really think about it and record it here.

When I started tributing randomly to a local straight man, I didn't even understand why it made me feel so good, let alone that there was a name for it! So when I would give him my cash, I would be feeling so guilty afterwards that I would hide away from him, ignoring messages and denying the whole thing to myself. This continued for a long time and with different men. On top of that, I feel like I was tributing to a bunch of men who had no interest in me or who I could be for them as a cashfag. They just wanted a quick buck and to get out of there. This repeated process would make me feel less and less inclined to serve regularly.

I now feel like I have more of an understanding of how awesome the relationship could be. How a real alpha could help me with my goals, and make me feel amazing every time I tribute him. I don't want to make these too long, so I'll stop here. Message me if you have questions or want me to expand on what I've started here.

faggydicklet‘s first 24h on OwnedFags
Posted by faggydicklet

Sir, yesterday faggot was again realising it cannot be without living its true nature and that is to admit it is a faggot, was born a faggot, not gay, not anything, just a faggot. thus it googled "Alpha male training faggot", "faggots serving real men" and there was the link to it was very excited when clicking on the link and saw first page and immediately felt this is it. next step for faggot was of course to register, which it did. once registered and logged in, faggot needed to get verified by making a first payment. this was necessary it knew, to show it is serious and would be serving. so it made its first payment. then looked around, made first steps on site, checked some profiles, was looking for chat. all in a very excited mood, nervous cause faggot could feel it is now where it belongs, it is in Alphaland, a fag's paradise, heaven. there it will be taken good care of. it knew it had to watchful as there are also "sharks" swimming around. it got its first messages and amongst these messages was one Master in particular who was different, a true Alpha, a real Man, not pushy but very laid back yet at the same time making it clear where faggot's place is (though faggot knew already :) but there was never a doubt that this Master is not into fooling around and not into wasting precious time. gently Master Zal helped faggot exploring the site. Master Zal allowed faggot to pay for a beer, then a single malt whiskey, then for drinking Master's golden juice, all while talking to faggot like a real man does, never doubting himself, never trying to get faggot's attention, never being pushy, never trying to show off. just by simply being himself, Master Zal digged deeper and deeper into faggot's brain and belly and of course lower, so that faggot sensed the true nature of this Master. genuine, real, perfect.

Master was playing roulette with faggot, faggot was lucky and could tribute. Master started a pillory game, faggot was again lucky that many did react to the game and would so raise the amount faggot was then allowed to tribute, rather it would be taken away from fag automatically, which faggot thought is right, as tips just go where they naturally belong anyway.

faggot was all excited and horny, not touching dicklet, enjoying eagerly and thinking of ways it could possibly serve Master well, prove to Master it is trustworthy. Master started speaking of ownership, faggot got nervous, cause that is a big decision for faggot. more so for Master as he is very demanding, has high standards, and rightly so he couldn't tell yet, still can't if faggot is worthy of being accepted into Master's stable. so faggot is humbly waiting, giving its best to prove Master it is worthy of Master training it, educating it, making it more and more obedient, willing to pursue one thing only and that is to serve Master, be of good use to Master, make Master Zal proud and happy.

last challenge Master had faggot do, and this challenge is still going on, is, faggot is not allowed to serve any Master including Master Zal himself. faggot is forbidden to do what it craves most and that is to serve real men, Alphas, and show respect in a proper way and that is to hand over what was never supposed to be in its hands but hand over knowing that's where it truly and rightly belongs, in Master's hands. there it is of good use and faggot can show it's a good and useful faggot, knowing its place.

faggot is very excited and curious to find out what Master Zal has in mind, how Master will further train and test faggot and of course faggot deeply prays that it will be accepted into Master's stable, yet at the same time faggot is also very nervous should it come to that decision as faggot hopes that it can keep up with Master's standards and expectations. thank you Master for being such a kind Master, using faggot properly, training faggot well, making it beg to serve, making it beg to be accepted, making it more and more under Master's spell. so faggot does not need to think anymore. Master will think for faggot and faggot will finally find guidance, meaning and purpose.

thank you Master.



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