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A Quiz Master Master…
Posted by BritMaster85

1.In the song the 12 Days of Xmas how many presents are given in total? 

2. Which country administers Christmas Island?

3.In which year did Dickens first publish A Christmas Carol? 

I’m a Quiz Master. Perhaps that should’ve been my profile name rather than BritMaster85. For those from the North American side of the pond quiz in British parlance is your equivalent of Trivia.

I joined OF very recently for a number of reasons and like many Masters I hope to get a number of tips from faggots because I deserve them. But I am not your typical shouty Master who goes around demanding tips all the time. Nor am I a handsome 24 year old twink who gyms every day (although I do swim regularly). Not that there’s anything wrong with these types of Master - in fact many are very successful in here and are genuinely awesome lads! I am however an intelligent Master who loves to play intelligence games. And a quiz is a good way to start. I often give my fags questions and wrong answers result in fines. 

One of the things I love about the community of Masters on here is that they’re willing to share ideas and be open to trying new things.

If anyone is interested in intelligence games - especially quizzes - hit me up and I’d love to share other ideas.

Answers to the above questions in my inbox slaves - if you dare… no looking up the answers 

faggydicklet‘s first 24h on OwnedFags
Posted by faggydicklet

Sir, yesterday faggot was again realising it cannot be without living its true nature and that is to admit it is a faggot, was born a faggot, not gay, not anything, just a faggot. thus it googled "Alpha male training faggot", "faggots serving real men" and there was the link to it was very excited when clicking on the link and saw first page and immediately felt this is it. next step for faggot was of course to register, which it did. once registered and logged in, faggot needed to get verified by making a first payment. this was necessary it knew, to show it is serious and would be serving. so it made its first payment. then looked around, made first steps on site, checked some profiles, was looking for chat. all in a very excited mood, nervous cause faggot could feel it is now where it belongs, it is in Alphaland, a fag's paradise, heaven. there it will be taken good care of. it knew it had to watchful as there are also "sharks" swimming around. it got its first messages and amongst these messages was one Master in particular who was different, a true Alpha, a real Man, not pushy but very laid back yet at the same time making it clear where faggot's place is (though faggot knew already :) but there was never a doubt that this Master is not into fooling around and not into wasting precious time. gently Master Zal helped faggot exploring the site. Master Zal allowed faggot to pay for a beer, then a single malt whiskey, then for drinking Master's golden juice, all while talking to faggot like a real man does, never doubting himself, never trying to get faggot's attention, never being pushy, never trying to show off. just by simply being himself, Master Zal digged deeper and deeper into faggot's brain and belly and of course lower, so that faggot sensed the true nature of this Master. genuine, real, perfect.

Master was playing roulette with faggot, faggot was lucky and could tribute. Master started a pillory game, faggot was again lucky that many did react to the game and would so raise the amount faggot was then allowed to tribute, rather it would be taken away from fag automatically, which faggot thought is right, as tips just go where they naturally belong anyway.

faggot was all excited and horny, not touching dicklet, enjoying eagerly and thinking of ways it could possibly serve Master well, prove to Master it is trustworthy. Master started speaking of ownership, faggot got nervous, cause that is a big decision for faggot. more so for Master as he is very demanding, has high standards, and rightly so he couldn't tell yet, still can't if faggot is worthy of being accepted into Master's stable. so faggot is humbly waiting, giving its best to prove Master it is worthy of Master training it, educating it, making it more and more obedient, willing to pursue one thing only and that is to serve Master, be of good use to Master, make Master Zal proud and happy.

last challenge Master had faggot do, and this challenge is still going on, is, faggot is not allowed to serve any Master including Master Zal himself. faggot is forbidden to do what it craves most and that is to serve real men, Alphas, and show respect in a proper way and that is to hand over what was never supposed to be in its hands but hand over knowing that's where it truly and rightly belongs, in Master's hands. there it is of good use and faggot can show it's a good and useful faggot, knowing its place.

faggot is very excited and curious to find out what Master Zal has in mind, how Master will further train and test faggot and of course faggot deeply prays that it will be accepted into Master's stable, yet at the same time faggot is also very nervous should it come to that decision as faggot hopes that it can keep up with Master's standards and expectations. thank you Master for being such a kind Master, using faggot properly, training faggot well, making it beg to serve, making it beg to be accepted, making it more and more under Master's spell. so faggot does not need to think anymore. Master will think for faggot and faggot will finally find guidance, meaning and purpose.

thank you Master.


Ryan’s Room
Posted by RyanBlue

Hey boys, new to owned fags. I’m an experienced young Irish dom (19yr old) looking for some new cash pigs. Open minded but mainly into piss, pits, spit, feet but love the feeling of a massive drain from a boy. Hit me up boys I’ll bite if ur good. 

I am looking for a long term boy who’s honest and genuine. Not looking for any time waisting boys that don’t know what they want. 

I am looking to move to Norway after my bachelors and would be open to the idea of moving in with a sub if the chemistry is there.

thoughts from a slave
Posted by SupremePower

"When I'm speaking to you Sir, it makes my place below you all too obvious. You have an energy of Dominance that gives me no choice but to submit and I wouldnt want it any other way. Looking at you brings your demeanor and attitude even further up because you are an unreal Godlike looking man. I dont want to aspire to anything but someone or something that can better your life because any bit of time or interaction I have with you is the best part of mine." 


slave Sean


Fake Entitlement
Posted by Akoor

Hello everyone,

Let me preface by saying that I am so glad to be here. This is an extraordinary website that has made me feel like a new slave discovering servitude all over again. And I have been a slave and a sub for 11 years now!

I am overwhelmed by the positive response and the quality of people here. Masters like @Bootsir, @SirTony, @SuperlativeTop etc have been so welcoming and have taught me so much in so little time.

But then there are those here who play mind-games (and not the good kind) to try and be sneaky. The kind that talk shit about other masters while elevating their status.

I had the unfortunate privilege of talking to one such master. Someone who played coy and tried to be "I'm better than the rest blah blah".

Despite making it abundantly clear about my limitations, when the time came for tribute, he asked for an amount I could not pay immediately. What followed was a terrible experience of being humiliated for something I had no control over.

If you consider yourself better than the rest, you need to be a master that understand slavery. A real slave gives its 100% and expects nothing in return. But that comes at the cost of trust.

Build that trust when you find that slave, and you'll have a faggot for life that will lick the ground you stand on with a smile on his fag face.

subs, READ THIS!
Posted by SupremePower

Don't expect ME to spend time on you for nothing.

I am not here to offer you pleasure or to satisfy your needs 

I consider time an expenditure- that's all about.

The amount of effort and time I put ,should be reflected on the account.

You don't necessarily have to approach with a tribute, but it is the best way to show your intentions and respect.

If you are broke, don't try to get my attention talking ABOUT how rich you are, just to get a session with Me.

Ways to be useful to your Dom
Posted by SupremePower

If you’re a Findom sub, your main priority is to provide tributes and gifts to your Dom/Master.

But, sometimes subs find themselves low on cash and when this happens, it’s important to find other ways to be useful. 

I will suggest few things you might do for your Dom/Master: 

4 ways a sub that's low on cash can still be usefull

*Become a promo sub -  like, comment and share your Dom/Maste's content.

*Become a recruit sub - Reach out to other subs and connect them to your Dom/Master

*Become a content creation sub - create twitter banners , artwork, photoshop images,etc

*Become a research and a data sub - provide your Dom/Master with useful information and ideas that can raise his influence and reach - research and share strategies that have proven to be effective

The bottom line is true Findom subs exist to make their Doms/Master’s lives easier. If you aren’t useful in some way, then what incentive is there for your Dom/Master to spend lots of time talking to you? Don’t be that annoying sub who thinks your Dom/Master has nothing to do but engage in endless conversation with you. Be a useful sub!

The visit
Posted by masterzal

You turn up a bit nervous, even though it is not your first time there.

He welcomes you in full gear which, at first, always feels a bit intimidating.

He can read it in your body language, so he puts a firm hand on your shoulder to put you at ease as he looks deep in your eyes and says:

- You have nothing to worry about, just relax, boy.

He shows you where he wants you to lay down and you immediately do as you are told.

He is in charge.

Sometimes he is there on his own, but oftentimes he also invites one of his colleagues over, making you feel even more vulnerable and outnumbered.

- Open up for me, boy

he orders, as he approaches your gaping hole with his hands.

He usually starts by sticking his fingers inside first and then continues by making use of some of his tools.

- Open wider for me, boy, much wider.

he says, as he proceeds to explore your insides.

- This might hurt a little bit, but you have to relax and trust me.

he says, as he has his way inside you.

You feel completely powerless and at his mercy, yet somehow it feels right letting him do what he does best.

At the end of the day, you were the one who decided to arrange the visit in the first place.

You have no say on the matter and you have been told that you are not allowed to speak anyway, so you stay there, quietly, trying not to gag until he is fully satisfied with his work.

It is always him who determines when it is over, your opinion does no matter, so you just allow him to continue as he goes in and out your hole with all his tools and toys, while you drool and feel pathetic.

Meanwhile, his colleague witnesses the scene in awe as you feel completely numb while he goes harder and deeper into your orifice.

- We are done with you now, boy.

You did well.

You may spit or swallow if you want.

You thank him, as you have been told you should always do.

You leave the room, still a bit confused after having paid a significant large amount of money, knowing damn well that this is definitely not going to be the last time that you visit the dentist.

Posted by SupremePower

Transactional "Findom" Roleplay

This isn't actually Findom but instead is a fee for service act. The word "sub" is replaced with  "buyer". The buyer is looking to pay for service or goods. Often, the buyer will demand videos, live sessions or pictures, etc.), and the Dom will provide them in exchange of money.  In this type of relationship, it's the buyer who has the real power.

Dominant male and submissive man do a great job of "playing the role"of so called financial domination. The Dom is in charge while the submissive takes his role. These actions usually occur when one or both are horny, mostly the sub and it ends when sub decided to say Bye. Tributes can flow nicely and still the sub holds the power in this situation. In this scenario, Doms who really know how to keep their subs horny, succed.

A rock and a hard place
Posted by Footwearsub

It can be quite tricky navigating life when your head feels with either new thoughts or ones that you have had before but never acted on. Who do you talk to? Where do you go to find like minded people ? Inclusion can be a challenge in any environment …. Similar ideas but differing perspectives and expectations 

And so to the fin Dom scene. One sub to two doms in  terms of opportunity to meet like minded, and it’s already clear there is a huge spectrum of interest and expectation. A barrage of ‘interest’ but at the same time limited actual ‘interest’ . Money certainly talks and so it should in this arena but it’s more exclusive than I thought it would be. Almost elitist.

Definitely less of the mental and emotional side than perhaps I had expectations of . A bit more sweary / abuse driven than building something that works for both parties (hopefully in a more role play way than actually how it sometimes comes across) . Let’s see , give it a little more time . Still learning


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