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Frustrations and advice from a relatively new member
Posted by Irishboss95

Frustrations I’ve found since becoming an online master vary a lot... these frustrations can oddly become quite positive and I find it quite surprising that things change and flip so quickly on here. My slaves have always been very dedicated in life and most certainly know their place, however, I’ve found that keeping a leash on them here always poses quite unusual difficulties. Slaves evidently need to know their place, however, they can’t ever get to understand what that place is if they are handed targets fives messages in or are demanded of things without adequate time. Communication and establishing a connection is fundamental for any master slave relationship. Now I’m not speaking up for them, just some of the mistakes I’ve made since coming on here.

I really like the community and feel that both masters and slaves give really good advice although some to be honest are just totally unreasonable and you’ll always have people like that.

Main advice to new masters:

Calm yourself and form connections with slaves

Don’t immediately think all slaves want you, they’re really fucking different believe me

Read a profile before you message, don’t just jump the gun and ignore that they have a master

Advice to slaves:

Try and give new masters more chance, they could be a great fit for you, just may be getting used to it

Don’t test patience too often it can result in lots of unfortunate things

Be obedient above all else, remember you are slutty little slave, don’t ever for get that

Posted by subcorey

I had been a member of OwnedFags on and off for five years, yet aside from the occasional pop in I never stuck around.  A chance meeting last May changed all that. I hadn’t logged into the site in months and am so thankful that I happened to that day. I met the man I was meant to serve, my Master Dorian.

Today marks one year since He collared me and allowed me to join His stable. I recall that day was the first time I spoke with SoS. She congratulated me in the chat room and said I was lucky to be taken in by such a great man. How right she was, and I thank Him as often as I can for the privilege of being permitted to serve Him.

It is not an understatement to say that He has completely reshaped me this past year, the difference in my attitude is like night and day. While it’s always been in my nature to be loyal and devoted, I never truly understood what selflessness meant until He showed me the way. He took a selfish faggot who usually couldn’t think beyond the pathetic appendage dangling between its legs and taught it what true submission really means. It’s not about pressing send, it’s about pleasing Him, however He sees fit. Tribute isn’t conditional, it is a sacrifice.

I still have much to learn and improve on of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect faggot.  There are always new ways to show submissive growth and conquer one’s frailties. I know He’ll be there to guide me every step of the way as always, and can’t wait to see where I am in another year.

He strongly encouraged me to be active on the site. Not just in tribute, but to get to know other subs and Doms. To participate in chat, the news feed, to write blogs, etc. I am so thankful for that as I have made many incredible friends. Many have helped support and provide encouragement: most especially fingermycashcunt, FagMEAT, SoS, SubX, coloslutty, substandard, servus and THEskinbossdan. These are lasting friendships that I treasure and I’m so thankful to have them in my life. I served my former Owner in solitude, it has been an honour to get to know these amazing people and I owe them so much.

Not every Dom is suited to every sub, and vice versa. I know ownership isn’t for everyone, but the search to find the perfect match is a worthwhile one. Finding that sense of purpose is incredibly rewarding. It’s been an amazing journey together as our trust in each other has grown. We make a great team, obviously with Him in control, as we work every day to strengthen our bond.

My Master, my Owner, my Mentor, my Guide, my Keeper, my friend. Thank You for everything, Sir. The difference You have made in my life is a debt I can never repay.

Posted by SoS

Having been in the dungeon for 48 hours (thank you to MoA for the hospitality...), it's right that I write about the reason, and to express a public apology to my Master Garboss.

There are probably very few fags/slaves on OF who've been put in the dungeon as punishment for sending to their Master, and few Masters who've sent them there for doing so. But, my Master is not like most others.

My error was to buy a 1000 tips crown on Easter Sunday for my Owner, to show my love and pride in Him as my king of kings. I wanted it to be a surprise, so I failed to ask permission.

The rule under which I live is something that I know very well:


Send His money when HE decides.

Send His money how HE decides. 

I do not decide when, how, or how much.

An ATM does NOT make those decisions. 

Only an ATM's user and Owner decides how His ATM is used.

This rule is fundamental to His control.

I am not a fag that begs to send His money in order to satisfy my own selfish urges. This would be me using Him for my own selfish ends.

Whether I'm horny or not is unimportant. He decides when His money is withdrawn.

The essence of Findom in our relationship is Power, Control, Subordination, Obedience. This is how Findom fits into a Power Exchange relationship. It is a wonderful relationship, and my Master is also probably my best friend, who always wants what is best for me.

Even though W/we discuss all sorts of things in our lives, confide in each other on private and personal matters, share many interests and provide mutual support in many ways, non of these aspects of our relationship alter or impact on the fact that I am His ATM faggot who works and sacrifices to earn His money which all goes into His savings and investments.

With such a special relationship, it is important that His rules over my life are adhered to in full, and gratefully respected.

I am so proud and constantly grateful, and know how very fortunate I am to be in His exclusive $table.

I apologise wholeheartedly to my wonderful Owner and the most important Man in my life. 

The Meaning of Ownership
Posted by DorianTheAlpha


When a sub joins a Master's stable, they become owned. The Master can read the sub's messages, chat logs, see their tip totals and who they've sent to. The Master can throw the sub in the dungeon at their sole discretion, and control their block list. It involves surrender of control, trust, and a mutual understanding of the power dynamic at play. It is intense. It is earned. It is the height of submission. The summit of sacrifice. Some Masters own several subs. Some only own a few. Some choose never to grant that supreme privilege to a sub, for whatever their reason. When a sub proves worthy to carry their Master’s name, they become an extension of their Dominant. They represent them. An owned sub is held to a higher standard, expected to behave with a certain decorum to all Alphas, not just their Keeper. 

When I see ownership happen in the first hour of joining this site… I can’t help but feel it cheapens the point of it all. Now, sometimes you 'just know'. That's fair. But that is few and far between.

I say this not to scoff at other styles of domination or submission; the last thing we need is more in-fighting. I say it as a suggestion to the Masters here: let subs explore, take this in, find their footing. If you are interested in a sub, you can still establish commitment from them without jumping into ownership prematurely. An easy stepping stone is adding to a sub's profile that they are serving a certain Alpha exclusively in the hopes of becoming owned. A clear and concise way to signal to all their intent, while still valuing the sanctity of ownership. I wrote about this in the feed directly not long ago, to a few thoughtful replies. And I'll say again as I did then: we don't need more features, we don't need more safe spaces (that's just my opinion here, I know others disagree). We need all of us to respect the quality of real, fun, meaningful M/s over toxic cash grabbing. And I say that as a Master who's primarily into findom (or has been historically put: the cash collector). If you disagree with me: feel free to say so below (with civility). Let's keep this place great.


The last days of lockdown are hopefully getting near
Posted by Garboss82

Let’s not pretend it’s been tough. Fucking tough. The first day wasn’t a surprise, because I predicted it. Being locked up sounded easier a few weeks ago then what reality proved. Even the most basic pleasures involving leaving the house are denied. I’ve not been in a pub since 13 March. I’m craving a juicy steak that I didn’t have to fuking cook myself. I miss takeaways. And I fucking hate queuing up to go to the Supermarket.

And I’m sure it’s been tough for you fags and slaves. Not being able to get close to Masters. 

So here’s some tips to help you break the boredom of what willl hopefully be the last few days of lockdown.

1…Prepare your fag holes for use

When lockdown ends, there’ll be Masters needing to make use of your holes for their pleasure. So get acting now to get them in tip-top condition. Grab a dildo (or cucumber, courgette if you don’t have one) and start ploughing them holes deep. Don’t neglect throat training, and just think of exciting a Master the next time you are able to demonstrate your perfect deep throat.

2…Humiliate yourself - or get a Master on here to help you remind your place

This time in isolation may have started tricking your mind into forgetting your purpose. As fags you serve as objects for the pleasure and entertainment of Masters. Use this time even more than normal to entertain and Masters by humiliating and degrading yourself online

3…Revise your profiles

On this site and others, revise and enhance your profiles. Set out more clearly the type of Masters you crave in your whoring lives. Update profile pics and revise wording to make it as compelling as possible.


Be mindful of your financial circumstances and don’t go overboard. But take time to enjoy the simple plea$ures of tributing a Master to please Him. 

My first findom experience
Posted by MasterMister

I haven’t always been conscious of my dominant nature. I’ve always been a top and had high self-esteem, but I didn’t get into BDSM until I was 26 years old. It’s funny, because the first time I drained a fag was before that, and before I learned that findom was a thing.

I was a 23 years old guy in my last year of university. I was looking for some casual sex in a chatroom just to have something to do on a Sunday afternoon. Someone with the username “CajeroHumano” (HumanATM in Spanish) approached me and made me a very interesting offer. He wanted to meet me at a public place, preferably a cafe, and hand over cash while I made fun of him. Of course, I was suspicious. I had been offered money in exchange for sex before, but who would pay someone to laugh at them? Oh boy, if only I had known… 

In the end, I agreed to meet him. After all, I had nothing better to do and he lived in my area, so if he was trying to fool me, I wouldn’t waste much time. We exchanged pics so we would recognize each other. He looked like a pretty regular guy, probably in his early 30’s, not handsome, not ugly. We agreed to meet in a cafe 10 minutes from my apartment. He was already there when I arrived. He was a bit older and less thin than his pic, but there was something that told me that he was serious: his eyes. That look of fear and eagerness that I’ve become so familiar with. I sit next to him and he opened his wallet, hands trembling a bit. I said something in the line of “are you really that pathetic that you’re gonna give me your money for making fun of you?”. He didn’t answer, didn’t even nod. He just gave me a 20€ bill.

I kept humiliating him and receiving cash for the next 10 minutes, a fast drain with a result of 80 euros in my wallet and zero in his. When I was done, I just smirked at him and left the place, leaving him there to process what had just happened.

It’s such a hot memory, but I sometimes forget to count it as a findom experience because at that time I didn’t know what it was. I just thought about sharing it with you to have some fun during this lockdown, so if you want to share your first experience as a financial dominant/submissive, I’ll be happy to read it. And, hey, CajeroHumano, if you’re reading this, hit my inbox. I’d love to empty your wallet again.

7 deadly sins of findom (Master's perspective)
Posted by Garboss82

Like many Masters higher up the Pantheon, new masters often message me for advice. I'm usually happy to give some pointers unless I'm really busy. Makes me laugh really. I've not even been doing Findom for a year. To be truthful, after trying a few 'strategies' when I first joined, I've given up on that, and just try to approach it in the way that feels right to me. I'm still new to this, And I am not scared to admit when a slave tells me they've been into cash slavery for 15 years, I feel in awe and a bit intimidated.

So I've tried to learn along the way, by the mistakes I've made. And the mistakes I go on to keep making. 

This is just my thoughts. I’ve fallen guilty of these. Lots of times. I don’t always practice what I preach.


In early civilisation men were expected to work hard and contribute to society. Failure to do this was looked on as a sin.

A lazy Master just lumbers across the corridors of life. Never knowing really what he wants, so all doors of opportunity seem shut in his face. As men we must utilise whatever we have - whether it’s our mind, bodies, or both, to make sure we give the best of ourselves and push those doors open.


A CashMaster should be strong, confident and a bit conceited. But loving yourself too much is weak. Don’t say you’re the dogs bollocks - show and be you’re the dogs bollocks. And remember, as Master’s you’re only ever as good as the slaves who are serving you.


A deep-rooted trait in every Master. We don’t like to see another Master better off than us. Forever looking at the Masters getting more than us, more tributes, bigger tributes, bigger stables can be powerful though. Let that envy burn calmly within. Use it as your fuel to aim to emulate their success and get what you want.


Anger is easy. But getting angry with the right people, to the right extent, for the right reason and in the right way. That’s fucking nearly impossible.

Most of us have probably fallen guilty to road rage. That fucking fury that comes over you as a driver when someone else breaks the rules, and then arrogantly speeds off in the distance as we’re left behind. Our instinct as men is to get even. In that tidal-wave of rage we have one single though - to get the better of the other guy.

Some fags will let you down. Always. Some of your fellow Masters will piss you off. Always. Do you want to waste time getting even? Or accept, like you, they aren’t perfect either and put your energy into something more productive.


Gluttony. That damn hunger in the pit of your stomach that sometimes won't piss off. It drives us to eat more than we need, simply because it's there. As Masters we can have that same hunger for slaves. We want them, or want to try to get them, just because they're there.

But be realistic. Spread your attention across a realistic number of targets. The best slaves will be in higher demand. So if you're taking too long to get in touch, keeping the connection going, I guarantee some other fucker isn't. Same applies for owning fags. Unless you are super-organised, have endless time, having too many fags in your stable is a one-way destination for failure. Maybe you want a revolving door. I don't. 


Men are beings of pleasure. We like to feel good. But all of us can sometimes in that search for pleasure take it too far, and end up in situations or scenarios that aren’t right for us.

Know your limits, know what you’re into, and stay clear of anything that doesn’t feel right. 


The original and deadliest sin. Greed drives men. Greed makes us want more of everything. Greed exists in all of us. 

For a Master that feeling of greed can be incredibly horny. We revel in it by pushing faggots further. Wanting more. Stretching their limits….and often going so far we lose the slave. Slamming on the breaks of greed occasionally is powerful.

Enjoy greed more, and make sure we don’t make it our Master….

Teaching fags
Posted by Domtoptom

A is for Ass. A faggot must always be prepared to sniff, eat and lick a Man’s ass — whether it’s clean or dirty, smooth or hairy, dry or sweaty. As a faggot, it’s your duty to be a human asswipe wherever and whenever your services are needed.
B is for Balls. A faggot never neglects a Man’s balls. Fresh from a shower or ripe and sweaty after days without a shower, His sack is your snack.
C is for Cum. Cum is the staple of the faggot diet. Your primary source for sustenance, therefore, should always be seed. It is your lifeblood. Down your throat or in your ass, you need a constant supply of cock snot and must be willing to do whatever it takes to get fed.
D is for Dick. A faggot exists to service and worship dick. Never forget it. His dick is your deity.
E is for Enema. Unless otherwise instructed by his Master, a faggot always must keep his hole in pristine condition: clean, shaved and ready to be used at a moment’s notice.
F is for Feet. Figuratively and literally, faggots live at the feet of real Men. At your Master’s feet, therefore, is where you belong. Furthermore, it’s your duty as a faggot to worship Men’s feet. Stinky, sweaty, dirty, bare, socked — it doesn’t matter. When you’re so commanded, you are to lick, sniff and suck your Master’s feet.
G is for Gangbang. Faggots are ideal for sharing. Even if you belong to just one Master, therefore, you must be mentally and physically prepared to be passed around among Men, who will bond over the experience of sharing your holes.
H is for Hole. Every faggot has two holes, both of which were designed to be used and abused by Men. It is not up to the faggot which hole is used; a Man may choose to occupy — and, if He so desires, ruin — whatever hole He pleases.
I is for Inspection. Faggots are subject to frequent and thorough inspections by Men, who have the right to ensure their faggot meets their standards both physically and mentally. You must be prepared to have every inch of your body examined and prodded during an inspection, and — at the discretion of the Man who is inspecting you — to either thank Him if you receive a passing grade, or to commit yourself to making whatever improvements He deems necessary if you receive a failing grade.
J is for Jerking Off. When they are being used, faggots are not permitted to pleasure themselves, unless given permission to do so by the Man they’re servicing. This includes jerking their fag-dick and cumming; a faggot is not allowed to do either without prior permission.
K is for Kneeling. A faggot’s default position is on his knees. Unless ordered otherwise, a faggot should never stand or sit in the presence of a Man; he should always kneel.
L is for Licking. A faggot must get used to licking, because he will do a lot of it. He will lick his Master’s cock and balls, for instance. He will lick his Master’s ripe shit hole. He will lick his Master’s feet. He will lick up spilled spit, piss and cum from the floor. He may even be required to lick the shit and piss stains from toilets.
M is for Masochism. Faggots are masochistic by nature. They enjoy being used, degraded and abused. It is their place in life. If you’re going to be a practicing faggot, you must get used to the idea that you are less than a Man — perhaps even less than human — and will be treated as such.
N is for Nipples. A faggot must recognize that His Master’s nipples are centers of pleasure, and deserve to be licked and sucked for his Master’s enjoyment. Likewise, he must recognize that his own nipples are centers of pain, and will be used for training or during punishment if so desired by his Master.
O is for Obedience. As a faggot, it’s your duty to obey Men. When they tell you to do something — no matter how humiliating, scary, gross, etc. — you do it. End of story. In the event that you do not obey, you should be ready and willing to receive appropriate punishment for your disobedience, which might range from spanking to solitary confinement to chastity, or anything in between.
P is for Poppers. Many Men love using poppered-up pigs. If your Master is one of them, you must open your nose and inhale from his little brown bottle whenever he presents it. It is your duty to please him, so if he tells you to sniff, you had better sniff long, hard and deep.
Q is for Quiet. A good faggot expresses appreciation to the Men he services with verbal thanks and moans of pleasure. However, there comes a time when every Man demands that a faggot simply shut up and take it. During these times, it’s your duty as a faggot to remain quiet — and to be gagged if you fail to do so.
R is for Restraints. Faggots often must be bound and restrained in order to be of maximum use to the Men they service. As a faggot, therefore, you must not object when your Master breaks out the rope, handcuffs and chains. If He needs you to be immobilized so that He may make optimal use of your fag holes, you must submit. He knows what’s best.
S is for Service. Faggots must have a servant’s heart. Service and enslavement are in your faggot nature; embrace them.
T is for Toilet. “Faggot” is a synonym for “toilet.” As a faggot, therefore, your holes must be available for Men to use as they would any other toilet. That is, as a receptacle for spit, piss, cum, snot, farts and perhaps even shit. Not every Man will choose to use His faggot this way, but if you’re to be a true faggot you must resign yourself to your role as a waste receptacle. If a Man’s body produces it, it is His right to dispose of it in you.
U is for Underwear. Unless otherwise instructed, faggots are not allowed to wear underwear — or any clothes, for that matter — in the presence of Men, as their holes must be as available and as accessible as possible. The only exception is a jockstrap; because it does not block access to a faggot’s cunt, a jockstrap is an acceptable fag uniform.
V is for Vibrator. As a faggot, your hole should be constantly occupied. When it is not filled with cock, then, it should be occupied by a vibrator or another anal toy — a dildo, perhaps, anal beads or a butt plug.
W is for Whore. Faggots are whores. Remember this. If you find yourself feeling ashamed or embarrassed or regretful of your fag activities, remind yourself that you are a whore. The knowledge that you are fulfilling your God-given purpose in life should be comforting, such that you can continue your mission of sexual servitude.
X is for X-ray. Remember that Men have the equivalent of X-ray vision when it comes to spotting pigs and whores. If you’re a faggot, they will see it and they will know it. There is no use pretending to be a real Man, therefore. You might as well give in and accept your true identity as a faggot, because everyone around you already sees it and knows it — even if you yourself are trying to deny it.
Y is for Yes. As in, “Yes, Sir,” which is the only phrase a faggot should know how to say.
Z is for Zoo. It’s no accident that many faggots identify as “pigs,” “otters,” “cubs” and “pups.” If they weren’t so useful to Men out in the real world, faggots would likely be kept in a zoo alongside the real pigs and pups. If you ever feel the urge to talk back to a Man, therefore, or to demand equal treatment from one, stop and remember that you’re really just another animal; the Man is doing what’s good and right by trying to domesticate you so you may live alongside him in society instead of in a zoo.
10 Things Specific to Online Financial Domination
Posted by DorianTheAlpha

10 Things Specific to Online Financial Domination

by DorianTheAlpha

#1 - Discipline

No, not the kinky kind. I’m talking about self-discipline. It’s easy to be motivated at the start, or after a heavy drain, maybe you’ve just owned a new fag or two. Not everyday will be motivating. Some days this might even feel like work, down right discouraging. Discipline is what separates the flashes in the pan from the those who stand the test of time (this is true for Dominants and submissives).

#2 - Communication

Online domination is noisy. Very noisy. Being a strong communicator is a key part of succeeding here, but that doesn’t mean being everywhere all the time. Be thoughtful about where you want to focus your own energy, and in those places: be responsive. With your fellow Alphas, with owned fags, with loyal sluts: make time and be thoughtful in your replies. A stale dynamic rarely lasts long. M/s is above all a relationship.

#3 - Decisions

I wrote this point specifically for Alphas new to online scenes. Timewasting: when a sub seeks free attention without any intention to serve you. The more I consider the idea, the more I realize it presumes an Alpha does not choose how to spend that time. When you indulge a timewaster, you the Alpha spend that time wastefully. It’s important to get to know potential servants. See: communication. Decide with intention, and stand firm by your choices while also…

#4 - Learning

Ultimately, the decisions you make are based on judgment. I’ve made decisions I later changed (past blogs, notably). There is a difference between flip-flopping a choice, and growing as a Dominant. No one is above improvement, and yes even as Alphas we can and are sometimes wrong. Whether it’s a fellow Master, a seasoned sub, or a brilliantly written borderline Nobel-prize-winning calibre blog — there’s always more to learn.

#5 - Responsibility & Ethics

I often hear from Alphas that it’s the sub’s responsibility not to self-destruct. And this is true. Ultimately, kinks like findom are power exchange between two consenting adults. That said, the best dynamics here exist because the Master & slave trust each other, deeply. Be responsible with your subs. Be ethical in your domination. Now, you can still leave a bitch battered, bruised, mouth full of ash, piss, spit, and weeping in a way that they fully consent to & even thank you for while begging for more. Intensity & extremes can and should still be responsibly, ethically carried out.

#6 - Community

Is the cash fun? Obviously. Do you know what’s more fun? The people that make this place great.

It’s called power exchange, not tips exchange. If you *need* the money, then you’re starting this for the wrong reasons (that’s just My perspective). If you’re only interested in heartless cash grabbing, you’re going to grow bored quick regardless of your success. Community is what makes OF, more than anything else.


#7 - Respect

Rule 1 - don’t be a dick. And it is rule #1 for a reason. That goes for Masters to Masters, Masters to fags, and fags to fags (obviously most of all fags to Masters). There’s plenty of Alphas here who use a sharp, punitive tone, while also doing so respectfully. Respect doesn’t have to be soft, or cuddly. I don’t agree with all of you. I don’t even like some of you. But being a toxic twat is a surefire way to alienate yourself or worse get banned from the site. Be better. Respect everyone.

#8 - Start

Unsure whether you’ve got what it takes to dominate online? Try it. Do it. Open your account. Verify, read the rules, and dive right in. Worried messaging subs will make you seem weak? Write them. Send PMs. Test what works best. You can only get better. This is the cliché classic “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”. It’s especially true of the online space where you’re just an avatar and a handle until you make yourself more than that. So make yourself more than that.

#9 - Stop

I don’t know who told you to start but that was a horrible idea. Stupid.

I joke, but the notion that you need to be always-on and constantly grinding will burn out the best of us. Taking breaks matters. Prioritizing your health & wellness matters. Remember that there’s more to life than the next tip notification or Pantheon climb. Stop and smell the roses. Call your grandma. Read a book. There will be subs & sending aplenty when you return. This message was brought to you by someone who is constantly failing at this particular point and in general maintaining work/life/kink balance.

#10 - Give Back

Donate to the site. There’s no elaboration here. The man’s growing a moustache for a good cause. If you haven’t put up for it: donate. Men’s health is no joke and last I checked we all had a cock between our legs.

Don’t forget to like & subscribe. New merch available soon. (This is a joke)

The Nature of Worth
Posted by subcorey

I hadn’t planned to write this, but a conversation today with one of my fag brothers compelled me to.

Findom is HARD, especially so on owned slaves. While the session sluts get off and move on, those of us who live the life every day from morning to night know what this means. The sheer emotions involved in devoting everything we have to one Man can be overwhelming.

When I hear one of my brothers say that they feel worthless because they feel inadequate it saddens me. Worth is in the eye of the beholder. For an owned slave worth is the value your Master places in you. Not just in the money you send, but in your devotion and submission to Him. You are more than a dollar sign, a real Master understands that. If He doesn’t then it’s time to move on, because frankly you deserve better.

The term ‘worthless’ is a loaded one in this kink. Many of us get off on it as an aspect of humiliation, but it is simply a word to express that we are below the real Men. It doesn’t mean you lack value. What you need to remember is that a real Master cherishes His property. A real Master understands what your sacrifice means. A real Master understands the need for sustainability and pacing.

I wish OwnedFags had a segregated space for slaves to talk freely and openly. These are just some of the concerns and hardships we all face. I am always here to talk things through with any of my fellow slaves, feel free to DM me here, or we can even talk offsite if that is more comfortable for you. I’m sure many of my great brothers and sisters feel the same way. Reach out to us, we’re here for you. Don’t carry such burdens alone.


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You should only view this site if you are over the age of 18, male and are not easily offended.

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